Woman shamed for getting period blood on lover’s bed has revenge with funny song

Woman shamed for getting period blood on lover’s bed has revenge with funny song


A woman was insulted by a lover after she got some period blood on his bed and has now savagely got revenge – by making a viral song about it.

Most songs sung about men are usually about a crushing heartbreak or an everlasting love.

But Sez has penned a song about her experience with a date after she slept in his bed.

And, it is not about a steamy sex session or coffee and cuddles in the morning.

The songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, realised she had got a spot of period blood on her flame’s, known as ‘Ted’, bed sheets.

But instead of a caring reaction, he ‘flipped out’ at Sez for the mark she left on his sheets.

So this gave Sez ammunition to write a song about Ted and his lack of understanding about how women’s bodies, well, work.

Now, the song named ‘Ted’ has already racked up a huge 1.8 million views in only three days of being posted to TikTok.

Sez explained: “This song is for this man that I slept at his house and then I got a bit of period in his bed by accident and he was like ‘what the f***’ and I was like ‘seriously sorry for existing’, Jesus.

“So this one’s for you Ted.”

The songwriter from down under then whipped out her acoustic guitar and blasted out the revenge tune.

Sez sang: “Hey Ted, I just realised I got my period in your bed.

“You ask me how I didn't know honestly mate I don’t track my flow,

“Just think of it like Picasso on your sheets, I mean it is what it is, my period.

“I can’t delete like when you were born your mum would’ve been gushing blood but look I’ve only left a patch, it’s not a flood.”

She savagely continued: “And ya sheets are pretty dirty anyway I’m doing you a little favour, go soak him for a couple of days. Hey Teddy, got my period in ya bed. Sorry Ted oh my god.

“And if you and ya mates bled out of ya d**ks you’d never shut the f*** up about it

“You’d go one monthly boys trips to the Gold Coast and then you’d make bets on who bled the most.

“And if you wanted an abortion you could get it at the news agency mate, your mum would probably make it for you in a hot cup of tea ”, Sez brutally sang.

WARNING: Graphic language in video below

“I should really be charging you a service fee for all the pills and the rods and the coils and all the f***ing s*** I put in my body so you don’t impregnate me Ted.

“Hey Teddy, got my period in ya bed. Sorry Ted.”

And it seems that many women approve of the period themed song – and some have even called for it to be in the charts.

One person commented: “You’re a literal music god.”

Another user added: “This is a masterpiece.”

While a third person voiced: “Petition to get this on the hottest 100.”

Someone else shared: “This is why my 4-year-old son knows all about tampons and periods.”

Meanwhile, a fifth lass expressed: “Should be number one on the international charts. Someone sign her up to a record deal!!”

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