Woman mortified after new piercing ‘completely misses’ her belly button

Woman mortified after new piercing ‘completely misses’ her belly button


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A woman was left fuming after a visit to a piercing shop to find her belly button pierced went completely wrong.

The 21-year-old, who goes by the name @tyykidd on TikTok, regretted doing the piercing after having it done at a shop in the Jersey Shore region of New Jersey, US.

She told her friends and viewers in a clip: "Never get a belly button piercing at the shore. Worst mistake ever."

The woman then pulled up her top and showed her new piercing. The jewelled piece looked like it had shifted upwards and completely missed the belly button.

"They missed the whole belly button," she wrote. "I want a refund for my time, money and feelings."

In an updated video, the TikToker said she couldn't stand it and took it out.

"I went down to the shore and made them refund me," she explained. "They refunded me twice, because it's karma."

The piercing mark left on her skin looked like two burn marks above the belly button.

She added: "I'm gonna cry if the scars are ugly."

Her video went viral and some shared their thoughts on her unfortunate experience.

One said: "That's a stomach piercing, not a belly button piercing."

A second added: "Hey at least it's centered."

Surprisingly some revealed they had the navel piercings at the same position as hers.

"I thought that was normal…mine is like that," a viewer commented.

Another penned: "This happened to me and when I went back to the shop they said it was normal so I posted it on Facebook and the owner of the shop ended up calling me fat."

Some asked how she did not realise the position when the technicians made the marking and she replied: "They did, and then didn't pierce where the dots were."

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