Woman hits back at sexist date who said women ‘need to know their role’

Woman hits back at sexist date who said women ‘need to know their role’


A woman has slammed her first date for being misogynistic – and he proved her right by saying "women need to know their role".

Hayley Hyde went out with the man on a night out and found him "disrespectful" to women, so she decided to cut him off.

Sharing their conversation on TikTok, the singleton said she took it as a lesson to "live, laugh and love".

It all started right after the man sent her a text message: "Morning dork. Feel better so I can kiss you later."

She started by sharing her true feelings: "“This isn’t going to work out.

"You were being super misogynistic and I know you weren't doing it in purpose but that s***'s not charming or funny anymore and hasn't been for a long time."

The man initially took it in calmly and said: "That's cool."

When he asked what misogynistic means, Hayley went on and fumed: "Didn't you say your biggest pet peeve was ignorant people? Look it up."

He then answered: "You use big words for being a barista."

The conversation then quickly escalated as Hayley pointed out: "See this is exactly what I mean, you can't expect to get anywhere with a girl if you're going to talk down to them.

"And tell them you're sending them to cooking school."

The guy jibed: "I'm not the one missing out so I'm good with it.

"Hopefully the next [date] looks as good as the pictures and has a personality.

"I thought about dropping you off before we got the dinner but gave you a chance.

"You're welcome for spending more than you have in your checking."

Hayley told him that the insults "prove me right" right before he added: "Women need to know their role though."

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She couldn't hold back and slammed him in a long message.

Hayley said: "You're a sexist piece of s***, no self-respecting women is going to be with you.

"Hence, why you're 24, single, and can't get past first dates.

"This isn't the 1800s, women know their worth and know that there are men out there that won't treat them as a piece of f***ing property.

"The way you talk is disgusting, and you can't handle rejection. It's sad."

Many viewers noticed that the man was trying to "degrade Hayley for being a barista" but failed to understand what a misogynist means.

One said: "When he pulled the 'for a barista' card twice, you know he was low on ammunition."

"Misogynistic is a big word? Oh girl, you handled this so well for real," a second added.

Sounds like she dodged a bullet…

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