Woman ‘ghosted by husband’ after £27k wedding – when visa was approved

Woman ‘ghosted by husband’ after £27k wedding – when visa was approved


A woman claims she was ghosted by her husband as soon as his visa was approved.

Isabelle Glastonbury fell head over heels for the American bloke after they met back in 2015.

And when the pair got engaged, they moved to her native Australia together.

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The 31-year-old got hitched during a $50,000 AUD (around £27,000) ceremony – but the fairytale didn't last long.

After celebrating her hubby's visa approval with a romantic dinner, Isabelle alleges she came home to 90% of his belongings gone from their home.

She told Daily Mail Australia: “I tried logging into our immigration account.

"I had been locked out of everything, my credit cards were maxed-out, and I was blocked on his phone, none of my calls or messages going through."

Isabelle claims her husband didn't just disappear from her life – he "ghosted" their friends too.

She added: “All of our mutual friends, the best man from our wedding and his own family, no one knew where he was."

The couple reportedly haven't spoken much about the breakup – apart from during a brief meet-up in February 2021.

Isabelle claims her ex has moved on with a new partner – and she has too.

Reflecting on the relationship, she now believes she missed crucial red flags.

Isabelle warned others: “Don’t be blind, because I’m sure I could have seen the signs before this happened and I just ignored it.

"You never really know who you’re sleeping next to."

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