Woman fed up of ‘putting on make-up every morning’ gets eyebrow transplant

Woman fed up of ‘putting on make-up every morning’ gets eyebrow transplant


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A woman has revealed she's spent a fortune on getting an eyebrow transplant after getting fed up of putting make-up on.

Dr Simone Maybin visited the same surgeon in California, US, as model Chrissy Teigen for the procedure.

She would previously spend 20 minutes a day doing her eyebrows before spotting an advert on Instagram for surgery.

In the procedure, hairs were taken from the back of her head during the surgery and transplanted into her forehead.

The doctor didn't want to reveal how much she spent, but the procedure can cost up to $15,000 (£11,000).

She models herself and would never leave the house without filling in her naturally fine eyebrows.

Simone said: "I believe the eyebrows are the frame to the face and have filled mine in for some time to get that perfect look.

"When I had the hairs for the first couple weeks my confidence was very high.

"They looked ten times better than I could have ever imagined, it was exactly the right decision.

"Any other make-up I could do without! I've done a lot of different beauty-type things, modelling and fitness competitions."

Simone, from South Carolina, would spend 20 minutes every day perfecting her eyebrow shape with brow clay before work.

She was never tempted by temporary solutions like microblading or lamination – as she was satisfied with her own make-up.

But when an advert for an eyebrow transplant appeared on her Instagram about a year ago, it was a lightbulb moment.

She booked an appointment with surgeon Dr Jason Champagne before undergoing the seven-hour procedure on November 13, 2021.

She said: "If you think about it eyebrows are not curly and my hair is naturally curly.

"I chose to pick somebody I thought was the best in the world because it's my face!"

Ahead of her procedure, she was given a sedative to relax before local anaesthesia was injected.

Her surgeon removed about five inches of hair from the base of her head to be transplanted into the brows for regrowth.

It takes about two months to start seeing the hairs coming in and four months before you get the full effect.

The doctor took to TikTok to document the whole process with many of her followers curious to see the final look.

But this has also come with some backlash from trolls.

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Simone added: "Somebody said I look like Michael Jackson!

"Somebody said I look worse, that I looked better before, but when you share you open yourself up for that.

"It didn't bother me it was kind of funny, and with however many negative comments I have double the positive."

Simone only found out about Teigen's surgery when she saw her surgeon share her social media post.

She concluded: "I thought it was cool that her reasoning is to feel more confident without make-up."

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