Woman complains that cat sitter ate her chocolate

Woman complains that cat sitter ate her chocolate


Mother complains after her cat sitter ate her chocolate (including her daughters Easter eggs) while she was on holiday leaving people to wonder what she will snoop at or take next

  • Becky, from UK, took to a Netmums forum to question her cat sitters behaviour
  • She said the chocolates were at the back of a cupboard and wrappers were in bin
  • Mother also revealed that a neighbour had previously drank her gin while away 
  • Dozens of people said cat sitter was ‘intrusive’ and she should consider a cattery

A woman has complained that her cat sitter ate all of the chocolates and sweets in her house – including her daughters Easter eggs.

Becky, from the UK, took to a Netmums forum and asked whether it was justified for her to be annoyed with her cat sitters behaviour.

She revealed that unopened Easter eggs that were her daughters and hidden at the back of the cupboard had been eaten while she was on holiday.

Several people agreed she should be furious and wondered what the ‘intrusive’ cat sitter may take next time.

A woman has complained that her cat sitter ate all the chocolates and sweets in her house, including her daughter’s, while she was on holiday (file picture)

Becky wrote on a Netmums forum, pictured, that she had hired a cat sitter to cover her two-week holiday and had returned home to find the chocolate wrappers in the bin

The post on the ‘pets’ section of the chat forum started with: ‘We used to ask a neighbour to feed our cats whenever we went on holiday, we get on well and she loves cats, but one year she took a couple of bottles of wine and a bottle of gin while we were away.

‘She told us and replaced them (kind of) but we found it a bit weird thinking that she must have had to look in a cupboard or two at least to find them. 

‘So we paid a cat sitter this time as just felt uncomfortable that someone would be hunting around in our house. Have just got home from a 2 week holiday though, and a bunch of sweets and chocolates have disappeared, with the wrappers all in the bin (no attempt to hide them). 

‘Frankly I’m quite pleased that the sweets have gone as no one in our house eats them, but the chocolates were part of an Easter egg belonging to my little girl, and in both cases the boxes were right at the back of a shelf, in unopened boxes.’ 

The mother wanted to know if she was being ‘overly precious’ or if it was normal for cat sitters to help themselves but dozens of people responded saying it was ‘intrusive’ (file picture)

She went on to ask: ‘Is that weird? It’s no big deal, just a few sweets and chocolates, but it’s not like they were out, on offer. 

‘Am I being overly precious? Is it normal for a pet sitter to help themselves to little things like that? Not sure whether to trust her again in the future now but really want to because otherwise everything was fine! Thoughts? Thanks!’

People were quick to comment, with one who said: ‘No, not right. I would be checking through all my other belongings! Maybe better off asking family to take the cat in or put it in a kennel type thing?’

One person responded to Becky’s post and said they would be wondering what the car sitter would take the next time and asked ‘who goes snooping in someones house?’

Another Netmums user said they would be ‘furious’ to discover their chocolate was missing

Someone else said they’d be checking their belongings and suggested using a cattery in future

While another said: ‘I’d find that very intrusive and wouldn’t trust the person again! What else did they snoop through in your home or take? 

‘Did you ask why she ate your daughters sweets? I also find it very bizzare that someone would help themselves to your booze!!!

‘In future, could you leave the cat food with the person (or in a back shed) and they feed the cat outside or at back door inside of coming in your home? Or as the other poster said, leave it with a family member or at a cattery.’

Becky also revealed that before she got a cat sitter her neighbour had fed the feline and drank some bottles of wine and gin – although they were later replaced (file picture)

One more cat lover agreed that this may be the start of things to come: ”It might only be alcohol and a few sweets/chocolates but I’d be wondering what will they take next time or what else they have took this time. Who goes snooping in someones house?? 

‘Whether it’s sweets or alcohol or whether it’s something more big and sentimental, it’s wrong to touch or take it. 

‘I’d be wondering where else they have looked and had they gone through personal private things.’

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