Wilko's cheap pick n mix is back just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend

Wilko's cheap pick n mix is back just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend


IF you fancy some candy this long weekend, you'll be pleased to know that Wilko has brought back its cheap pick n mix deal.

The discounter's knocked £1 off the price of all cups, but has once again decided to ditch its half price deal.

The new prices depend on what size cup you buy, but an extra large one will now set you back just £3, down from £4.

The price of a medium cup has dropped to £2 from £3, while a regular cup costs £1 instead of £2 – meaning you'll get it for half price.

Unlike in the 50 per cent off offer, the price of the 100g paper bags will stay the same at 90p.

Usually, the selection of sweets on offer include jelly snakes, cola bottles eggs and pink shrimps.

10 ways to cut your food shop

HERE are 10 easy tips you can follow to cut the cost of your food shopping:

  1. 1. Compare prices online first – Mysupermarket does all the hard work so you don't have to.
  2. Avoid impulse buys – write a shopping list and stick to it.
  3. Lower your gaze – look further down the shelves and you’ll often see similar, less expensive versions of the same product.
  4. Check if multi-buy deals are really worth it – they're often not as cheap as they same.
  5. Switch to own-brand – dropping from premium brands to supermarket own-labels could save you big bucks.
  6. Don't let your kids win – they'll likely pester you for pricey treats around the supermarket but stay strong to save cash.
  7. Never shop on a empty stomach – your stomach will end up ruling what you buy rather than your head.
  8. Use coupons and discount codes – we roundup the best deals every week on The Sun.
  9. Don't always get your food delivered – if you can shop in store you'll save on delivery fees – although do factor in the cost of getting to and from your local supermarket.
  10. Choose quieter deliver slots online – this way you'll save on delivery fees.

To get the deal, all you need to do is fill up a cup with as many sweets as you can fit and take it to the till where the discount will be automatically applied.

The offer is available in all Wilko stores that sell pick n mix until May 28.

The retailer has more than 400 stores across the UK. You can find your nearest shop here.

If you’ve got a seriously sweet tooth then you’ll also want to visit a new store that’s devoted entirely to Haribo – and it even has a pick n mix zone.

You may also be keen to know that Kinder Bueno ice creams have finally landed in the UK.

Meanwhile, Home Bargains is selling "Candy Crush" ice creams that taste of pink bubblegum and marshmallow.

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