Wife has sex with 18 blokes in one night while husband watches – and says it HELPED her marriage

Wife has sex with 18 blokes in one night while husband watches – and says it HELPED her marriage


A WOMAN had sex with 18 men in one night while her husband watched — and she says it was the "best thing" for her marriage.

The swinger called Louise, who's in her mid-30s, says her partner even handed out condoms to the blokes during the orgy.

Louise from Sydney in Australia spoke about her extreme experience on the Sex Files podcast.

She said her strict Catholic upbringing had originally stopped her from wanting to explore her sexuality.

But once she married her husband she started to regularly fantasise about having sex with other blokes.


She said: "My husband was the first person I had sex with, but that didn't mean I didn't have fantasies about sex with strangers.

"So as a mum with a young family and a husband away for months on end, I yearned for adventure and the idea of being wanted.

"My local sex shop offered sex classes and one of those was about swingers' clubs.

"I messaged my husband that I was going and off I went."

A few years on from her initial interest in swinging, Louise started to imagine what it would be like to have sex with lots of men at once.

She told her husband about her fantasies and he was surprisingly supportive of them.

The randy mum started out by having sex with 10 guys in one night — which she said "felt amazing".


She went on: "Yes, the sex was great but knowing these guys are here for me and me alone is really empowering."

Louise even says her husband was fine with it and he'd enjoyed her telling him about it in explicit detail.

He was then present when she decided to romp with 18 men in a single night, giving out condoms to the group of blokes and watching Louise.

She said: "My husband loves to watch my facial expressions, he is like a kid in the candy store!"

Louise said having him there was a turn on and the whole experience had given her a "sense of empowerment and accomplishment".

Aussie Louise even said it was "the best thing" she's done for her marriage.

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