Why Kris Jenner Wouldn't Allow Corey Gamble to Appear on Yellowstone

Why Kris Jenner Wouldn't Allow Corey Gamble to Appear on Yellowstone


The couple made the surprising claim during the Season 4 premiere of The Kardashians, where Kendall Jenner also opened up about overcoming past "problems" with her mom's boyfriend.

Corey Gamble, actor?

Kris Jenner’s boyfriend could have appeared on the incredibly popular TV series Yellowstone … if only she didn’t make him turn it down. Or at least that’s what the pair claimed happened on the Season 4 premiere of The Kardashians, during a family trip to Mexico.

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As the two, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner sat down to dinner together, Kris noted how she just couldn’t wait to get back to her room to watch the Kevin Costner-starring series. “If it wasn’t for you, I would be a Yellowstone star,” Corey interjected, as Kris said her man was “asked” to be on the show.

“They asked you to be on Yellowstone and you said no?!” exclaimed a shocked Kim. “Correct, because I told him to say no,” Kris replied, “Because I thought he was gonna have to have a romantic relationship.”

Kris’ daughters were beside themselves, with Khloe wondering aloud what would have happened if the showrunners “wanted you to star and kiss with Kevin Costner.” She added, “I’m sure you would take it” — with Jenner confirming she would, shouting, “That’s a hard yes! Bring on the saddle!”

“Now I know my next role,” quipped Corey, before Kim added, “Your next role play.”

A preview for next week’s episode showed Corey reacting to Kris being offered a part in a Meghan Trainor music video — with Gamble expressing his own concerns that she might be outfitted in “see-through clothes.”

Spoiler alert: She wasn’t. 

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The Yellowstone reveal wasn’t the only surprising moment of the trip — as both Khloe and Kris were pleasantly surprised to see Kendall and Corey getting along so well following past drama.

“Corey and I, we were close for a while and then Kylie and I had a big sister fight and he tried to intervene into it and that caused a little problem between us,” Kendall shared in a confessional, referring to a 2020 feud shown on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Though Kendall said they all apologized at the time and “got over it,” the relationship between her and Corey never really got better, it simply stayed pretty surface-level. On the vacation, however, they were seen connecting with one another in the pool, finally bonding a bit years after the incident.

“I think that’s sometimes what makes these family trips really important, it gives Corey and I the opportunity to slow down and spend some time together,” added Jenner.

Overall, they all had a great trip, despite Kourtney Kardashian sitting it out amid her own feud with Kim.

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