Who'll find love on our blind date? This week it's Pippa and Stelian

Who'll find love on our blind date? This week it's Pippa and Stelian


Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Pippa, 28 and Stelian, 36 but will romance be on the cards?

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Pippa, 28, divorced with no children

PIPPA, 28 

Dating Past?

I got divorced last summer after only a year of marriage. I’d known my ex for ten years, but we were only together as a couple for eight months before we married. It was a complete disaster, sadly.

Since then, I’ve been on a couple of dates — but people seem more afraid of striking up a chat since the pandemic. It’s like everyone is terrified of offending other people.

Pre-Date Nerves?

I was really nervous.

First Impressions?


Divorced with no children.


Builder for a small local construction firm.


Part of my problem is I don’t have a clue. I seem to end up with tall, athletic, overly confident types. 


LIKED?  The meal was very easy.

REGRETS? None at all.


I got to the restaurant first and when Stelian walked in, I saw he was a good few inches shorter than me, and not my type looks-wise.

I am 5ft 8in and I was wearing heels, while he was petite and, facially, not what I’m particularly attracted to. 

I usually go for a taller, more rough-around-the-edges man. He was so polished, with pristinely cut hair and beard, whereas I’ve never been to a hairdresser in my life. But he was friendly enough, if a bit too ‘pretty’ for me.

Easy To Talk To?

He was really interesting, but we had so little in common, I couldn’t imagine being in a relationship with him. 

He was making judgmental remarks about the food and the restaurant, not necessarily in a bad way, but he seems to like things to be done in a certain way.

Still, it was enjoyable talking about travelling, since Stelian has been all over the world. 

He took an interest in my career as a builder and showed me some amazing architecture from his home country, Romania. 

We talked about his job in hospitality and his mum, who lives in Cyprus.

Embarrassing Moments?

At one point, he excitedly told me he knew the ‘famous’ Turkish chef Salt Bae… but I’d never heard of him. It turns out he runs a restaurant in London that sells steak for £850.

Did sparks fly?

No, we had no common interests, and he was too smooth and a bit too short.

See him again?

He asked for my number out of politeness, but we won’t be seeing each other again.

What do you think he thought of you?

I feel as if he thought I wasn’t the most delicate or pretty girl. When I stood up and he saw my muscular shape, he looked a little shocked.

Stelian, 36, single and no children

Would your family like him?

Possibly. They’d probably be grateful I’d met someone completely different from my exes. But I don’t think they would consider us a good match.


Single and no children.


Assistant manager at a restaurant, and model.


Someone open-minded and romantic. I’d also want them to be beautiful. 


Dating Past?

My longest relationship was seven years, but I got very hurt. 

I’ve been single for two months now — and I’ve been on a couple of dates.

Pre-Date Nerves?

No, not at all.

First Impressions?

I knew straight away that Pippa wasn’t my type physically. 

She is tall, blonde and was wearing something red — I wanted to tell her that it didn’t really suit her body shape.

I was impressed that she’s a builder though.

I had never met a woman who worked in construction before, so I could tell she was strong and independent. But I like women to be much more feminine.

Easy To Talk To?

Yes. We talked about travel and I told her how she could improve her career. 

I asked her why she didn’t get another job — in something like IT, which is a bit more suitable for women. She seemed to listen.

I think she would be better as her own boss in a job like that.

I like giving feedback to people to help them better themselves.

We didn’t have much in common, I’m afraid. She is vegetarian, whereas I was eating the steak.

I always inspect a woman’s nails and shoes, and if they are not immaculate, I know they are not for me.

I am a frank person and like women to be neat and perfect.


LIKED?  I enjoyed all of it. It was a good experience.



I’m a smart, sharply dressed guy so people are always checking me out in the street when I walk by. 

I need to be with someone like that.

Embarrassing Moments?

Not for me, no.

Did sparks fly?

There was no romance, but that’s fine. We enjoyed each other’s company over the meal.

See her again?

No, we just exchanged numbers out of politeness.

What do you think she thought of you?

I think Pippa felt self-conscious sitting with me because I was attracting quite a lot of attention from other people in the restaurant.

People were looking at me because of the way I dress and my hairstyle. I’m used to it — but I think she found it strange.

Would your family like her?

She is a nice person, but I don’t think my family would think she was the right woman for me.

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