‘White Lotus’ actor jokes about being hit on following show’s success

‘White Lotus’ actor jokes about being hit on following show’s success


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These gays, they’re trying to murder date him!

“The White Lotus” actor Francesco Zecca, who memorably played one of the “palazzo gays,” joked both men and women have hit on him following the HBO show’s success.

And when Page Six cheekily asked whether he took up any offers, Zecca cheekily replied, “Tutti, tutti … I take it all! I take whatever comes!”

The Italian-born star appeared as Matteo in Season 2 of the critically acclaimed series, but he made sure to clarify that his character was not one of “these gays” who were “trying to murder” Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya McQuoid.

“I was the only one who tried to save her actually,” he explained to us. “It was funny because all of the interviews on the [2023 SAG Awards] red carpet — prior to the cast picking up the award for best ensemble — they asked about the gays that want to kill her. … In fact, my character, Matteo, is so in love with her that he couldn’t murder her.”

Zecca added that Matteo was ultimately forced to, otherwise he would have ended up with a grisly end.

The “Solo No” star joins a chorus of cast members who have raved about working with Coolidge.

“Sometimes I really had goosebumps because I felt how generous she was with all of us,” he said, “and how amazing she was and how amazing it was that every take she was always different but so specific and so precise and amazing.

“And she’s so fun, powerful and amazing and super fun,” he enthused.

Zecca shared that he is now recognized on the street — which can sometimes be awkward, with fans telling him off for wanting to kill Coolidge — but the best thing was having “been a part of this amazing group of people.”

“The perception of how you can do this job changed for me,” he added.

The charming actor is also immensely proud of his mother, who runs a pizzeria in Puglia, and admitted the stereotype about Italian men and their moms is “true — it’s not a cliché, it’s all true!”

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