Which Famous Boy Band Member Was Meghan Markle 'Secretly' Messaging Before She Got Engaged To Prince Harry?

Which Famous Boy Band Member Was Meghan Markle 'Secretly' Messaging Before She Got Engaged To Prince Harry?


You’ve probably heard the stories from countless tabloids that before she married her Prince Charming, Meghan Markle was hoping to get acquainted with a famous British man. Prior to snagging England’s most eligible bachelor, the former actress was messaging a certain pop star who had legions of fans around the world.

Here’s the answer to which boy band member Markle was messaging before she and Prince Harry got together.

Markle began messaging this boy band member

The now Duchess of Sussex was reportedly reaching out to a couple of U.K. celebrities at the same time and one was The Wanted singer Max George. His group had a number of chart-topping hits from 2009 to 2014 including the single “All Time Low.”

According to The Sun, the actress exchanged several messages with Max via social media.

“Max was one of the biggest stars in pop music at the time and they connected on Twitter,” a source told the publication. “They swapped a few messages and had a lovely conversation but in the end, nothing came out of it — she met her husband soon after.”

The source continued, “Max had women reaching out to him all the time and didn’t remember much about it until Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry. It was a nice friendship and he wishes her well, but he hasn’t heard from her since Harry.”

She also messaged this X-Factor winner

The Sun also noted that another musician Markle was privately messaging was former X-Factor winner, Matt Cardle.

The media outlet’s source said that “Matt followed Meghan initially in early 2015 because he thought she was a beautiful star … But he was stunned when she followed him immediately back and started messaging him. She said she was a big fan of his work.”

The insider further claimed that Markle asked to get together with him but he met his girlfriend right around that time and when he did, he stopped replying to Markle’s messages.

The text Markle sent her friend after meeting Prince Harry

In a recent interview, British television presenter Lizzie Cundy spoke about her friendship with Markle and what she texted the American actress after she found out she was seeing Harry.

“When I heard about Harry ‘I said what a catch,’” Cundy recalled, adding that Markle responded in agreement writing, ‘Yeah I know!’”  

Cundy also confirmed that her pal was interested in dating a British man.

“We both had had breakups and a bit of a past and she was asking lots of questions about mine,” Cundy explained. “She wanted kids and she wouldn’t mind an English guy.”

Cundy also weighed in on what she thought about all the chatter that Markle is nothing more than a social climber.

“People are saying she’s a social climber, but you want to be someone people look up to and you are proud to be on the arm of. But I think good for her,” Cundy said. “She’s had the catch of the century.”

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