When You’re Sore From The Gym, Try These 5 Sex Moves

When You’re Sore From The Gym, Try These 5 Sex Moves


OK, so you’re faced with a dilemma: Bae wants to get down to business, but you’re literally so sore from the gym. Don’t fret — you don’t have to sit this one out because there are a ton of sex moves to try when you’re sore. The best way to have incredible sex without having to do anything too vigorous is by paying attention to your body and what it’s telling you. If your legs are sore, consider a position that is not going to utilize them as much. If your arms are super tired, consider what you can do with your partner that doesn’t put a ton of stress on them. And, hey — you can still use your hands pretty effectively without putting a ton of stress on your biceps or triceps.

This can also be a time to really lean into your inner pillow princess, too. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it refers to someone who enjoys receiving, but never giving, oral sex. While the term is mostly applies in queer relationships, It’s my belief that it can extend to sore gym-mongers, too!

Being sore is just another reason to get creative in bed, so if you’re looking for some ideas — consider the following positions.

If your back is sore…

If your back (lower or upper) is feeling sore, consider doing something with bae where you’re lying down on your back. Try having your partner on top penetrating you with a penis or toy, or sitting on your face. And of course, your back being sore doesn’t mean you can’t put your mouth to work!

If your thighs are sore…

One of the worst parts of being sore has to be when your thighs feel like they can barely move. In this case, you can choose something that is pretty stationary — either laying down or standing up. If you’re the penetrated partner, you might really enjoy some great missionary or penetrative spooning. These moves can be done using sex toys or fingers!

If your arms are sore…

If your arms are sore, don’t fret about not being able to use your hands. Consider cuddling closer to each other, so that you can use your hands for fingering to the best of your ability without putting too much force on your sore arms.

If your glutes are sore…

If your glutes are sore, there has never been a better time to get or give head in a way that doesn’t put a ton of pressure on the booty. For instance, you could lie on your back while your partner goes to town. You could also sit on the floor in front of the bed and give your partner head while they sit on the edge of the bed. This can give you a steady amount of balance, while the sitting will allow your *peach emoji* to take a break.

If your abs are sore…

One of the worst muscle groups to work around during sex is your core because you basically engage them in everything. If your abs are sore, consider trying something that doesn’t require movement on your end — like, at all. This can be as simple as having your partner be on top, riding you or fingering them really freaking well. When it comes to figuring out what works best for you, trial and error will be your best friend.

Ultimately, there are so many options for you in the bedroom if you’ve really outdone yourself in the gym lately. Test out your creativity with your partner (or partners) and discover what feels best for you!

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