When panoramic animal photographs go horribly wrong

When panoramic animal photographs go horribly wrong


Wag on earth? Hilarious animal snaps reveal what happens when panoramic photos go horribly wrong – from flat cats to two-legged dogs

We’ve all taken a bad photo or two in our time, but these snappers have created the ultimate picture fails. Bored Panda collated the images, which have been shared by social media users from around the world, and show what happens when the panorama camera function goes wrong. Here are the most hilarious animal panorama photo fails ever…

The shock and confusion on this dog’s unnaturally squishy face is a perfect  representation of how most people will feel looking at this photo.

This cat, from the US, seems to be melting! Not a very dignified look for an animal that’s usually so proud.

Quite a stretch! This hound, thought to be based in Germany, looks like he is going to desperate measures to get a nose boop from his pal.

You’re at the beach with your best furry friend, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a snap. What could possibly go wrong?

Is this some kind of six-legged, tiny-headed, giant-bodied mystical beast? Or just an average house cat who’s fallen victim to a photo fail?

Next time you think you look bad in a picture, spare a thought for this pooch in the US, who appears extremely worse for wear thanks to the photo fail.

An unfortunate optical illusion meant that this cat ended up looking more like a feline-giraffe hybrid.

The US-based photographer was probably just horsing around when they took this snap of a horse with two heads and a strangely long neck. 

This feline looks like they’ve been given the Picasso treatment, with social media users branding the animal a ‘cubist cat’.

Is it a dog or is it an anteater? Through the magic of bad photography, this pooch has developed a staggeringly long snout.

Ok, so corgis are usually pretty long, but not this long! This good boy has fallen victim to a camera malfunction and has been stretched to the extreme.

When your dog walks through the panoramic shot, and turns into a grotesque, two-legged, canine-chicken animal blend.

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