What your star sign says about your sleeping habits

What your star sign says about your sleeping habits


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Your daily habits and personality are written in the stars, according to astrologers. Whether you’re an Aquarius or a Leo could determine how much shut-eye you get each night too, apparently. Express.co.uk chatted to the sleep expert Jemma from People Who Sleep to find out how each zodiac sign sleeps

How we sleep depends on our age, physical health, mental health, and our sleep conditions.

However, sleeping habits could be predetermined by your star sign.

Jemma said: “The mysterious world of horoscopes has been used to categorise our love languages, understand our signature personality traits and even help identify the type of sleeper we are.”


Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, which is why they are so active, competitive and have an innate need to win or come first.

Jemma said: “You just love to go, go, go and sleep is not high up on your priority list.

“With your excess energy and creatively-driven brain, you hate to be tied down, which makes your sleep schedules erratic.

“You’re either an early bird or a night owl or something in between. There’s no consistency in your sleep habits.”

Your irregular sleep-wake schedule isn’t great for your help, and you could benefit from some order.

Jemma said: “Learn to use sleep as a fuel for your busy mind.

“You’re prone to stress, so by keeping your body topped up with rest can help sustain your energetic self.

“Try winding down early in the evening with yoga or a good book.”

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Taurus tends to sleep well, but sometimes will be kept up by arguments or discussions.

Jemma said: “No one loves their sleep more than a Taurus.

“You’re the first one in bed and enjoy great quality sleep, but only if your sleep environment is up to scratch with your lavish tastes.

“It’s no lie that you love the finer things in life, like boujee bed linens with high thread count (which make your credit card hurt, but in the name of sleep it’s worth it right?).

“In fact, your standards are so high that it’s tough for those around you to keep pace with you, which often leads to arguments.”

She added: “The thing is, Taurus, you hate to lose, and if you argue before bed it’s a battle to sunrise. Or until you’ve won, of course. All of this can affect the quality of your sleep.”

Cut out the arguments before bed and keep any heated chats for the morning.

Jemma said: “Let go of things you can’t change and look into a temporary sleep divorce if you feel an argument brewing.”


Gemini is another busy and active sign, so settling down for bed can be tricky for them.

Jemma said: “Your fear of missing out is a Gemini sleep sapper of note.

“You hate to sleep if you know you’re going to miss out on something more fun and are often found stalking the halls of all-nighters, be it with a good book or a night out on the town, before finally succumbing to sleep.

“You find it hard to switch off your mind before bed, but when you do, it’s lights out, until the morning…”

Your always-on lifestyle is draining, so you need to keep your energy levels high through plenty of sleep.

Jemma suggested: “Get out that yoga mat, and learn to calm your mind to prepare yourself for sleep.”


Cancerians love being cosy at home, and a perfect sleep environment is what makes them tick.

Jemma said: “If your bedroom environment or any space in your house is not up to scratch, you’re unlikely to fall asleep.

“Your sleep quality is directly impacted by how peaceful you feel within, so watch out for lingering stress that may enter your thoughts before bed.”

Stop overthinking and being a perfectionist, Cancer.

Jemma said: “Knowing what’s causing you stress is the first step in getting better sleep.”


Leos love their sleep, but can be light sleepers.

Jemma said: “Like all lions, you’re happiest when you’re a flat cat, fast asleep. But your sleeping space has to be the perfect recipe for sleep too.

“Anything that disturbs a sleeping Leo can cause you to react aggressively and put you in a grumpy mood that may cause a restless night.”

Interrupted sleep if your only cause for concern Leo, so make sure your sleep environment is perfect for you to get enough beauty sleep.

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Virgos are list-makers and priorities- they love to start organising their entire life just before bed.

Jemma said: “Virgo, there is always something you need to do or fix.

“And then there’s your annoying habit of smoothing your sheets and making your blankets nice and neat.

“Your perfectionism can interfere with your sleep and most Virgos will suffer from sleep anxiety, which is the fear of going to sleep because you worry that your sleep won’t be up to standard.”

Jemma advises drinking some herbal teas before you get into bed to calm your mind and prevent overthinking.


Libras have a quirkier method when it comes to hitting the hay, apparently.

Jemma said: “You’re the woo-woo sleepers that will bathe your crystals in the moonlight and say a goodnight prayer to the universe to grace you with good energy and good sleep.

“You believe that your sleep is affected by the moon and rarely take the practical steps to give it to yourself.

“Most Librans will be found snuggling up to a partner (or a bunch of crystals) and will either have extremely loud creative décor, which is not condoned for good sleep.

“They may be found with a distracting dream catcher hanging above their bed.”

Get rid of these distractions and start implementing sleep hygiene habits which don’t only involve crystals.

Try getting to bed earlier in fresh sleep with no technology beside you, and make sure you’re exercising enough and eating a substantial diet.


Scorpios are anti-sleep because they feel as if there is always something better to do.

For them, sleep is a necessary evil that means they can carry on living their lives.

Jemma said: “Scorpios will often suffer from severe sleep deprivation that can lead to health issues, so make sure you know that life is a balance, and sleep is vital to your wellbeing.

“If you share a bed with a Scorpio, beware. If you wake them, prepare to be stung. These are not morning people.”

Cut out your all-nighters and try to fall asleep before midnight, Scorpio.


Sagittarians are sociable and thirsty for knowledge, and this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to sleep.

Guilty of endless scrolling on social media at night, the best way for Sagittarians to get some shut-eye is to get off Instagram.

Jemma advised: “Swap social media for a distracting bed partner.”

Sagittarius also love to travel, so jet lag is another common symptom.

Jemma suggested: “Find stimulation during the day and feed your mind way before bedtime so that when you get to sleep you can sleep knowing your gossip column has been topped up.”


Capricorn is the sensible father figure of the zodiac, so people of this sign are most likely to stay up stressing over deadlines, work, and to-do lists.

Jemma said: “For Capricorns, Sleep is just another thing to be scheduled in, and can sometimes be overlooked as you’re just too busy.

“Anxiety is also at the top of your sleep offender list, as your driven nature will always be trying to push the boundaries on what you can achieve.

“On the flip side, if sleep is a priority, you’ll overachieve on that too and keep a very strict sleep schedule.”

Jemma added: “Better rest equals better results, so try to find a work-life balance that includes sleep and you’ll be able to achieve all those goals.”


Aquarians are prone to lying awake at night with anxiety and non-stop thinking, Jemma explained.

She said: “Poor Aquarius, you’re never able to unplug and just be.

“You’re constantly thinking up new ideas, how to make things better and spend more time worrying about the future than being in the moment.

“These are not great traits when it comes to sleeping as you battle to put your busy mind to bed.”

Jemma suggested playing some calming sleep music or following a guided meditation to bring you back to centre and relax your mind.


Watery and emotional Pisces may also have trouble sleeping, and Jemma thinks this is due to stress and overwhelm.

She said: “You’re the most connected of the zodiac signs, which means you’re always putting others ahead of your needs.

“This can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed and keep your mind awake, as you’re so emotionally porous to the world around you.

“You may find it difficult to get to sleep and will often let your emotions wake you in the night.”

It’s important to put yourself first, Pisces.

Jemma advises distracting yourself with a warm soothing bath or calming sleep music,

She said: “You need to keep your energy recharged so getting enough sleep is critical for you.”

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