What will May 2nd bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all

What will May 2nd bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all


My daily horoscope: What will May 2nd bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all

Yesterday we talked about letting go of the need to control. It’s easier said than done; but, with retrograde Mercury meeting the Sun today, nothing is particularly easy to say! 

So it’s important to think before we speak. And, if plans suddenly seem flawed, it’s a chance to readjust. 

Even if things don’t seem to be moving in an ideal direction, there are reasons to be optimistic. By going with the flow, pleasing breakthroughs are possible. 


Mar 21 – Apr 20 

I was watching skateboarders doing their tricks the other day. Amid the colourful graffiti, the riders bunny-hopped off railings, screeched across pipes and flipped over ramps. Awesome. While the onlookers and I were all super-impressed, we joined the boarders in smiling at their occasional mishaps. Everyone falls down sometimes. It’s finding the courage to get up and try again that enables us to move onward creatively. No matter what the game of life brings your way, you have the confidence to deal with it in style. 

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Yesterday we talked about letting go of the need to control. It’s easier said than done; but, with retrograde Mercury meeting the Sun today, nothing is particularly easy to say!


Apr 21 – May 21 

Human beings are good at talking. It’s the listening aspect we’re not so good at. We’re all pretty good at criticising, too, but not so good at hearing observations about ourselves. That’s when we go into ‘defensive mode’. We dream about the future, yet few of us can say with certainty that we’re doing the right thing to get there. As the Sun links to Mercury, which is moving retrograde through your sign, you’re in a reflective mood. Yet there’s nothing to worry about. You’re gaining insight that will soon prove extremely useful. 

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 May 22 – June 22 

Any genie knows that human beings don’t always know what they want (much less whether it will be good for them). Even when we’re lucky enough to achieve our ambitions, satisfaction doesn’t necessarily follow. In fact, there are times when so-called ‘success’ creates more problems than it solves. As your ruler, retrograde Mercury, is empowered by the Sun, you can take an important step towards understanding what will bring satisfaction. The realisation will influence a decision, in a good way. 

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June 23 – July 23

Little Miss Muffet. Little Jack Horner. Little Boy Blue. Little Robin Redbreast. Little Bo-Peep. I suppose the creators of these rhymes were trying to make them ‘kid-friendly’ by using the word ‘little’. We all feel little sometimes. And we all have the occasional equivalent of a large spider (in the case of Miss Muffet) to deal with. But something that seems very big and scary in your world is smaller than you think. You’ve had exactly the right ‘grown-up’ experiences to be able to deal with it. Sorting it out will be child’s play. 

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July 24 – Aug 23

As Bowie told us, ‘Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do’. His lyrics have intrigued fans for years. What did he actually mean? Of course, all forms of art are open to personal interpretation. It’s about what the words and the music mean to the individual at the time. As we move towards the Coronation Eclipse, your creativity is being highlighted. However you invest your energy (whether it’s song-writing, cooking or just looking with fresh eyes at your life), as long as you’re enjoying it, that’s enough. 

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My daily horoscope: What will May 2nd bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all


Aug 24 – Sep 23 

They say that ‘tomorrow is another day’. Which is interesting, because they also say that ‘tomorrow never comes’! It seems that our attitude towards tomorrow varies according to how we feel about what has happened in the story of our lives so far. With your ruler, retrograde Mercury, linking to the Sun today, you can make your future brighter by returning to an aspect of your past and rescuing something you’ve left behind. It could be a dream, a vision, a hope, or an opportunity you’ve overlooked. It’s time to be re-inspired. 

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Sep 24 – Oct 23 

Although some seem to thrive on change, most of us find it challenging. The problem is that it’s impossible to know what the outcome of change will be. We have to live through it, and with it, and see how it develops, before we can ascertain how we feel about it. Yet just because something’s new doesn’t mean there aren’t precedents to guide us. We can look back at similar experiences to help us make decisions. As we move towards the Eclipse, what’s changing in your world is happening for the right reasons. 

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Oct 24 – Nov 22 

Nobody wants to look foolish. Yet, deep down, we know that if we’re unable to play the fool sometimes, we’re in danger of taking life (and ourselves) too seriously. You’re in a situation where you have to uphold a certain image. People have a view of your role which you feel obliged to maintain. So, can you afford to relax and be yourself? Would it have a negative impact on these relationships? The Coronation Eclipse brings an experience that allows you to drop your guard. Your interactions will improve as a result. 

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Nov 23 – Dec 21 

When I was growing up, TV was a straightforward affair. There were four channels. You picked the least boring one. Nowadays, with so many streaming possibilities and box sets, the choice is overwhelming. I often go back to something I know: there’s comfort in the familiar. Which is fine when it comes to entertainment. But in life, we need to step out of our box sometimes. If someone recommends an unusual plan of action, try following it. It could lead to an exciting discovery. Welcome to an exciting month! 

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Dec 22 – Jan 20 

Planet Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours. Meanwhile, it’s on an annual journey circling around the Sun. What’s more, every planet and star in our galaxy is orbiting a distant part of space. It’s hardly surprising that we sometimes feel as if we’re going round in circles. All that movement might have something to do with the dizziness we all experience, too. Your head feels as if it’s spinning with too much information right now. But in the approach to the Coronation Eclipse, you’ll find a clear sense of direction. 

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Jan 21 – Feb 19 

You don’t do good things just because you want praise; you do them to help other people. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and if it’s beneficial, so much the better. Yet you’ve been working on someone’s behalf for a while without so much as a thank-you. Could they be taking advantage of your generosity? It’s time to stop undervaluing yourself. It’s not easy to break a habit, but if you start by acknowledging the good work you’ve done to yourself, the dynamic will start to change. It’s May! 

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Feb 20 – Mar 20 

Smart people aren’t always as clever and wise as they think they are. And anyone who thinks they’re brighter than anybody else is particularly unwise. Just because we might have a deeper level of understanding about some things doesn’t mean we’re entitled to disrespect the views of others. That is foolishness indeed. Someone in your world is jumping to incorrect conclusions about your abilities (or the abilities of a person you care about). If you just carry on doing what you’re doing with confidence, justice will prevail. Welcome to May! 

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