What it means if you dream about having sex with a colleague

What it means if you dream about having sex with a colleague


The last few months have been intense, so it’s unsurprising that people are reporting more vivid dreams than usual.

Dreams are our minds’ way of working through subconscious issues while we sleep, and at the moment we have a lot of issues to choose from.

But the dreams that pop up again and again are about work. In fact, workplace dreams are incredibly common – and they’re usually pretty stressful

Research by Psychic World has revealed the five most common workplace dreams – including the classic; running late, realising you’re naked in the office and everyone’s favourite, having sex with a colleague.

But dreaming about having sex with a colleague doesn’t necessarily spell disaster, and it doesn’t mean you actually want to rip their clothes off in the stationary cupboard.

Instead, dreaming about a steamy office encounter can often point towards the workplace skills and attributes that you would like to posses yourself – rather than anything romantic.

The dream experts at Psychic World have explained exactly what these common workplace dreams mean, so you can hopefully get a good night’s sleep before heading back to the office.

The most common workplace dreams

Psychic World study of 2,473 Brits

Being late/forgetting you have work

This dream contains a subject we are all aware of, being late.

Whether being late ourselves, or waiting for someone else, we have all experienced lateness in some form.

Psychic World believes that this dream suggests you may be missing out on something or not doing what you want in your career.

Unprepared for a presentation

This anxiety dream may be a reality for a few people, but when it invades your sleep, it could suggest that you’re lacking in confidence about your work. 

If it’s recurring, you should think about opening up to someone you trust at work.

Realising you are naked 

This one is a classic, and was common during childhood in a school setting, but for some people this continues into adult work.

It is no surprise that this dream suggests feeling exposed and can link to the idea of a lack of confidence, hence why you feel like you ‘stand out’ in your workplace.

Having sex with a colleague

No this doesn’t mean you’re attracted to this person (unless you already know you are).

This could instead be a very heavy handed way of your brain telling you that this person has attributes in the workplace that you want to have yourself.

Trapped in the toilet/lift

This unfortunate dream occurs due to a feeling of being stuck in your job, with no prospect of moving forward or growing.

If this continues something may need to change for you career-wise. Try speaking to your boss about how your career is going to progress.

What to do if you’re worried about workplace dreams

The experts at Standout CV have explained what you should do if you’re recurring workplace dreams are stressing you out.

They don’t always mean you have to wake up the next morning and hand in your notice.

‘While work can be a stressful experience, it can also be very rewarding and is a part of life we cannot ignore,’ explains a spokesperson.

‘If you are suffering from work-related anxiety then there are a couple of things we would suggest you do to help improve your situation:’

Talk to your boss

Your boss should be there to help you if you are not enjoying yourself. If you are feeling like you are trapped, ask your boss to clarify the progression they see for you in your career, even just a casual chat about how your work is going may make you feel less anxious.

Bosses may be busy, but if you initiate the conversation they’ll be sure to give you feedback that should be beneficial to you.

If you don’t feel comfortable enough to talk to your boss, you should talk to someone you feel comfortable talking to at work.

Consider your future

Taking control of your future could help with any anxiety.

Maybe consider your current role and whether you want to keep doing it, or whether looking into different industries may be better for you.

There is nothing wrong with exploring other avenues if you’re unhappy.

Try recreational activities

One of the most important things to reduce stress from work is having things to look forward to outside of the office.

Organise something to do with your friends, go for dinner, anything that will take your mind away from work.

Maybe let your friends know what’s stressing you. It’s important to not make work your only focus in life.

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