What is injectable concealer? The eye-brightening tweakment that promises to banish dark circles and bags

What is injectable concealer? The eye-brightening tweakment that promises to banish dark circles and bags


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Dark circles and eye bags are a beauty bugbear for many – but a new non-surgical tweakment may be the solution if your best concealer isn't cutting it. London aesthetics clinic Natali Kelly has come up with “injectable concealer”, a new facial treatment designed to brighten the under-eye area.

What is injectable concealer?

The bespoke procedure involves injecting minimal amounts of the light-reflecting hyaluronic acid dermal filler Juvederm Volite under the eye area, which will brighten any discolouration and fill out any faint hollows.

It’s similar to tear trough filler, however the difference is that Natali uses an advanced multilayer injection technique, using a combination of needles plus micro-cannulas.

Natali said she came up with the idea of injectable concealer after a year of hearing her clients complain about “Zoom face” – a new awareness of facial flaws since working and socialising more on video calls nowadays.

After more than a year of seeing her own face on camera every day and feeling like she was looking more and more tired, OK!’s beauty editor Laura Mulley booked in to try injectable concealer. Here’s what she thought…

Laura's injectable concealer review

“Dark circles have always been my minor nuisance for me, but over this last year they became all I could focus on when I was on video calls, coupled with the noticeable beginnings of bags, and extreme under-eye puffiness in the mornings. My boyfriend would literally laugh out loud at how piggy my eyes looked, and no manner of clever laptop angles or heavy-duty concealer could disguise it.

“So I jumped at the chance to try out Natali’s new eye-brightening offering at her chic Chelsea clinic. She says the treatment is a great first step for halting signs of ageing around this area, giving the skin support where needed but also softening dark circles, and the results should last about a year.

“The treatment itself only took ten minutes, and I barely felt a thing (spoken as someone with a huge phobia of anything eye-related).

"The results were subtle but instantly noticeable to me; the ridges that marked the early signs of bags had disappeared, and my under-eye area appeared brighter. Even the aforementioned charming boyfriend remarked, “You look like you’ve got a filter on” later that evening.

Injectable concealer before and after

“It hasn’t completely banished the discolouration but now if I reach for any concealer at all, it’s a sheer, glowy one rather than something that resembles Polyfilla.

“I also loved Natali’s approach: helping people to look like how they feel on the inside, rather than the tired, grumpy or unhappy looking version staring back from the screen.”

*Injectable concealer at Natali Kelly costs £500.

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