What Big Rule Did These Crew Members Break On 'Below Deck Med?'

What Big Rule Did These Crew Members Break On 'Below Deck Med?'


New crew members often have a bit of a learning curve on Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean. Beyond learning how to gel with a crew who have worked together in the past, new members also need to study the superyacht, not to mention the destinations.

Trying to digest a flood of information may put some newbies off balance when it comes to remembering the basics. That seems to be what happens to crew members Anastasia Surmava and Jack Stirrup on this season of Below Deck Med.

In a preview clip of season four, Surmava and Stirrup are seen wandering the streets of the French Riviera in search of groceries, while the guests are left to navigate the area alone. Needless to say, bosun João Franco is less than thrilled.

An on-land excursion gone awry

Yachting has endless benefits with one being able to explore exotic destinations at your whim. So when the charter guests decide to check out a quaint area, Surmava and Stirrup are charged with making sure everything runs smoothly on land.

It appears though the crew also needs to pick up some milk while they are off the boat. But rather than keeping their eyes peeled while touring with the guests, Stirrup thinks he and Surmava could go ahead and find the milk without the guests.

Surmava’s gut instinct was to not leave the charter guests. But Stirrup tells her Franco can pick up the guests. She says, “Are you sure that’s alright?” Stirrup reassures her that it is just fine.

It’s not fine

Off they go, lost and looking. As the crew members wander the city streets, cameras catch the charter guests waiting around for someone from the yacht. The guests seem very patient but definitely confused.

Meanwhile, Stirrup and Surmava are clearly lost, checking Google maps and hoping to score the dairy. “I’m super type A so when things don’t go my way it’s a big f**king deal,” Surmava says in a confessional interview. “We need to light a fire under both of our asses right now. And we need to complete this task.”

Stirrup radios Franco, who is working on the yacht with Captain Sandy Yawn. He suggests Franco come pick up the guests because he is still in search of the milk.

Basic rule 101

When Franco hears this news he shakes his head. Even though he calmly confirms he will pick up the guests, he’s not happy to hear the guests were abandoned.

“It’s rule 101, never leave the guests behind,” he says shrugging in a confessional interview. He informs the rest of the crew he’s leaving to pick up the guests and fires up the tender. The guests are still standing alone, seemingly in the dark.

Also in the dark are Stirrup and Surmava. “I don’t even know where we are,” Surmava exclaims. Stirrup checks Google maps again and finally, they score what they were in hot pursuit of finding.

While it is Franco to the guests’ rescue, he lets Stirrup and Surmava wait until he can return to pick them up. This might be one of those instances where Colin Macy-O’Toole should say, “Nailed it!”

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