‘We make clothes for women who have 34JJ+ boobs but it attracts pervy men’

‘We make clothes for women who have 34JJ+ boobs but it attracts pervy men’


A fashion firm who make clothes for women with bigger busts have been inundated with pervy men posting comments about models' "big bouncy boobs".

Stacey Pritchard, 38, and Sam Lankarani, 38, cater for women of all shapes and sizes through their clothing firm Femss.

To advertise these products they have employed real women – including Stacey’s 57-year-old mother Sue Pritchard – to model for them in various social media videos.

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Stacey said their desire to innocently highlight how their clothes can fit a variety of different body shapes has attracted hundreds of pervy men who flock to the pages and make comments about the models.

They have remarked on things such as the models' "beautiful chest ornaments", "big bouncy boobs" and said they "could play with those all day".

It's become a problem for the brand who are simply trying to advertise their products.

Stacey, who launched products for women with 34JJ+ boobs, said: "It is a huge issue in the fuller bust community because the more you push it on social media, the more the algorithm pushes it out to the kinds of men already commenting.

"It clearly thinks that is who is it for – it tends to be a lot more of the fully busted ladies that the men seem to like.

"Even the older ladies are not safe. We’ve had over 60 men comment before, rating the women.

"They talk about their bum, face, makeup, nose etc.

"They are tearing them apart and all these girls are tagged in the videos.

"They are going to open their phone and read all these vile things about them within an hour so we have to be very on the ball."

"We have to be straight on the comments. They aren’t models – they are just regular women," she continued.

"We have to be very aware that we don’t want vile things written about them, but after a couple of hours is it absolutely horrendous."

Stacey routinely deletes and reports the comments, but often they are not judged extreme enough to amount to abuse by the site's moderators.

Due to this, she gets advised to block them, which she says is fruitless because other profiles just post similar comments.

Then, when she tries to call these men out, she said she can be attacked herself.

"I’ve been called narcissistic, jealous and a stupid b*tch," she added.

"They said I’m gaslighting people when there are no comments – but that’s because we delete them.

"Other men will defend the vile comments saying they’re just being flirtatious – but it’s not being flirtatious.

"They seem to think, hand on heart, that if a woman is posting something online, then it must be for attention.

“But I run a women’s clothing brand – what else am I going to do?

"No one has got a problem with people looking. I have got a problem with people writing disgusting things."

Stacey – who runs the company from Liverpool – revealed most of the models she employs are aged between their mid 20s and 50s.

The posts went largely unnoticed to the trolls until a TikTok video featuring her mother, Sue, wearing a tank top went viral last summer.

It showed her wearing the firm’s "Not Just A Tank" top, which is made of thick woven fabric that means it is flattering without wearing a bra, even for bustier women.

Since then, it has been modelled by other women with large busts and prompted a slew of pervy comments in the process.

The mum-of-one explained: "I had to make mum’s post private in the end because it did really well but then my son got really upset, because he saw what people were saying things about his nan."


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