Watch ‘The Real World Atlanta’ Trailer Throw Facebook & Politics Into The Reality Show Mix

Watch ‘The Real World Atlanta’ Trailer Throw Facebook & Politics Into The Reality Show Mix


Between the recent *NSYNC reunion, the upcoming release of Toy Story 4, and the ongoing Spice Girls reunion tour, the ‘90s are back in full force over two decades later, and the revival isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The Real World will soon be back on our screens, taking place in Atlanta and premiering on Facebook Watch on Thursday, June 13, over three years after the previous season of MTV’s iconic reality series. The first trailer for the new season of The Real World Atlanta is here, and it’s about to get very political.

Even though the new series will be a “reimagined” take on the original show, as stated in a press release obtained by Bustle, it will stick to the premise we know and love. Seven strangers are moving into a house together and we get to see what happens when they let their guards down and their true selves come out.

"This is the next true story of seven strangers, picked to live in a house and have their hookups, screw-ups, apologies, honesty, voices, opinions, fights, tears, lives streamed exclusively on Facebook Watch," a voice-over promises in the new trailer. "With new episodes every week and content dropping daily, find out what happens when the next generation stops being polite. It’s time to get real. Again."

But not only do we see their scandalous adventures, the new trailer puts a heavy focus on the vastly different backgrounds and political views of every houseguest and how they navigate their differences. Every side of the political spectrum is covered this season, with the cast featuring a DACA recipient, a pansexual Black Republican, and a conservative white woman who opposes homosexuality, among others.

In a overtly politicized post-Trump world where many human rights are at stake, this new direction feels very fitting for a show that revolves around social behaviors. Get to know the cast of The Real World: Atlanta below.

Meagan, 23

Meagan is your good ol’ Southern woman from Louisiana. A Catholic who has decided to stay a virgin until marriage, she’s hoping The Real World will push her out of her comfort zone. According to MTV, Meagan hopes to "face her fears, embrace herself, and learn more about other people from different walks of life."

Clint, 28

Clint may be a small-town boy from Michigan, but he also has over 130,000 followers on Instagram. He grew up in a strict conservative household, and his family hopes that he’ll run the family farm business in the near future.

Arely, 21

Arely is the youngest housemate this season and a single mother to a 4-year-old son. A DREAMer, Arely came to America from Mexico with her parents as a young child, and became a mother at 16.

Dondre, 25

Dondre is an enigma. Described by MTV as a "staunch, conservative Trump supporter," he also identifies as pansexual currently in the process of revealing his sexuality to his friends and family.

Yasmin, 27

Yasmin is described in the press release as an "openly pansexual feminist who believes her calling in life is to simply express herself" (same). She grew up with both Christian and Muslim beliefs in her household, and is currently working as a model and an art teacher in a youth detention center.

Justin, 26

Justin aspires to be a bold influence in Atlanta’s Black Community, and is currently studying for a master’s degree in African American Studies from Georgia State University. But his profession isn’t the only thing that’s focused on in the show. Justin is also in a long-distance relationship.

Tovah, 26

Tovah is a West Coast girl who previously worked as a caseworker for Child Protective Services. She wants to open a foster home and hopes to make some new friends while on The Real World.

These seven housemates could not be more different, and that just makes The Real World Atlanta all the more exciting. Let the drama begin.

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