Watch Prisoner End Up In Trash Can After Spectacular Escape Fail

Watch Prisoner End Up In Trash Can After Spectacular Escape Fail


Andy Dufresne, she is not.

An Ohio prisoner ended up worse than where she started off after her spectacular failed escape attempt was caught on camera.

Jessica Boomershine made a spirited bid for freedom from Montgomery County Jail on January 21 — but ended up half naked in a trashcan.

Video from inside the jail show the 42-year-old clambering up onto a stool, then onto a booth ledge, and then up out of sight of the camera as her bemused fellow inmates look on.

A ceiling tile falls to view as she creates an opening in the roof, before climbing up through the ceiling, and things are so far looking good for her.

While the star of the show is off screen there is plenty to watch in the background, from the excited woman bouncing up and down as she cheers her on through a closed door, to the officer who walks around the corner completely oblivious to what is going on right above her head.

Sadly, the flimsy plot falls apart as quickly as the ceiling on which it depends, as the roof crumbles beneath her weight, leaving her legs dangling helplessly.

A team of officers rush in and attempt to pull her down, but only succeed in doing that to her pants.

Eventually she gives up her grip — and all chances of seeing daylight for a while — and lets go… landing squarely bottom-first in the trash can.

Six days earlier, Boomershine had been indicted along with a 35-year-old male accomplice for the alleged kidnapping and robbery of an elderly man; the pair broke into the home of an 85-year-old man, stole his gun and fired a shot, kidnapped him in his own car and forced him to give up his ATM pin. After emptying his account, they reportedly stuffed him in the trunk.

He eventually managed to free himself and raise the alarm with authorities. He told police he recognized Boomershine, having met her at a casino recently; he said she had told him she was broke and homeless, so he invited her to his house to give her food. She returned the following day with her accomplice to rob him, the victim said.

Boomershine was indicted on two counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of aggravated burglary, two counts of felonious assault, two counts of kidnapping, one count of grand theft of a motor vehicle, one count of grand theft of a firearm, and one count of misuse of a credit card.

Now, following her disastrous bid for freedom, she also faces escape and destruction of property charges.

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