Wait — Did a Contestant Just Eliminate Himself on Making the Cut?

Wait — Did a Contestant Just Eliminate Himself on Making the Cut?


This week’s Making the Cut, which seriously turned the heat up for its contestants, was a drama-filled ride of harsh judging, competitive bickering, and all the emotional conflict that makes reality shows television gold. The series, which reunited the iconic hosting duo Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, is Amazon’s venture into reality fashion TV, exclusively available on Prime Video now. 

After eliminating Jasmine and Martha in week one, Heidi and Tim paired up the ten remaining designers in a collaboration challenge for episode three. The duos were eclectic: Week one’s reigning champion Esther was paired with Will, while 24-year-old Sander, whose designs are avant-garde and imaginative, was matched with the seasoned designer Sabato. They immediately struggled from the get-go, with Sabato being unable to cut his own fabric and sending the wrong tech pack to their seamstress.

Another pair that struggled was Megan and Jonny, who couldn’t agree on whose designs should be scaled back in order to appear as a coherent, collaborative effort. Jonny accused Megan of throwing him “under the bus" during a Tim inspection, but when the time came to judging, they managed to pull together three sharp, modern looks featuring a black-and-white striped dress, leather pants, and ribboned blazers that judge Joseph Altuzarra applauded for having a vision.

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Even though Megan and Jonny excelled, Sabato and Sander ultimately won episode three. The “bébé and papi” duo managed to push through their initial struggles to create a distinct burgundy-colored jacket dress that judge Carine Roitfeld said “would be a dream to photograph in a magazine.” On the other hand, the first to be eliminated was Josh — albeit for an unconventional reason. 

“I’m really not sure I should stay,” said the teary designer who was paired up with Troy. The duo faced harsh criticism from the judges, who disliked their fabric choices as well as their presentation. Josh, whose confession prompted a “Hmm?” from judge Naomi Campbell, admitted to feeling out of his depth. “I think it’s probably time for me to head out,” said the 38-year-old designer who eliminated himself, but not without championing his teammate. “I’m just seriously hoping that they give Troy one more shot out there,” said Josh backstage. 

While the judges initially decided to let both go, Troy’s heartfelt plea managed to change Campbell’s mind. His fate was left undetermined in a cliffhanger, but luckily, since episode four was released simultaneously with its predecessor, we were able to watch the result immediately. Judges Nicole Richie and Roitfeld concurred with Campbell, and the majority rule left Troy with another shot. 

If you thought that was enough drama though, you’re wrong. 

Tim and Heidi walked away from the last elimination feeling as if the designers were “snoozy,” “complacent,” and lacking in the fiery drive that they demand. So to shake things up, Gunn proposes a unique test for episode four: Each designer must use only the fabrics they’ve picked out in the past three challenges and make one defining look in seven hours (yes, seven hours). 

Those who shined included Megan, Rinat, Sander, and Jonny, with the last absolutely wowing the judges via a long black-and-white striped baby doll dress that made Campbell “very proud.” “It really was so gratifying to see how you’ve evolved,” concurred Altuzarra, and even Richie said that she would want one herself. He ultimately won the week, and shoppers can now find his design on Amazon Fashion immediately. 

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However, despite his heartfelt promise to fight, Troy failed to impress the judges again with a poorly cut black jacket and dress. He was sent home alongside Will, whose purple one-shouldered top and cropped sequin pants were deemed tacky and made for the “wrong decade.” “It’s about getting basic, simple — you haven’t got simple,” Campbell grilled the designer. “I’ve had a problem with you for every assignment.” 

After eliminating Will and Troy, the judges reminded the shocked designers to keep bringing their A-game, and that they could all go at any time. With seven designers left standing, we can only expect the competition to intensify in the future. Catch up on all four available episodes of Making the Cut on Amazon Prime Video now, and please excuse this writer — I need a cup of tea after all that drama. 

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