Venus in Cancer is THE Time to Fall in Love ?

Venus in Cancer is THE Time to Fall in Love ?


For the past few weeks of Venus, planet of love, in super-social Gemini has led to a buttload of new contacts in your phone and DMs, so you’ve probably been enjoying the lighthearted, playful vibes. But wouldn’t something with a little depth be nice too? On July 3, Venus dips into emotional water sign Cancer, turning your focus towards the romantic, sensitive side of your relationships and pushing you to secure more intimate connections with others. Cancers, Pisces, and Scorpios benefit the most (which is a major blessing during this crazy Mercury retrograde coming up) while Aries, Libras, and Capricorns face more changes in their relationships (good and bad) for the next few weeks.

Lizzo’s “Boys” is 200% the Venus in Gemini anthem: you’re flirty and getting plenty of action if you want it! But when Venus enters Cancer, the background music switches to Adele’s entire discography, and your emotions swell and wash over you and take full control of your love life, friendships, and every other kind of relationship. You want something with meaning and significance, and you’re waaaay less interested in hooking up, opting instead for closer bonds. Hot, fast-paced sex isn’t as important to you right now–you’d rather snuggle up to your boo instead of going for a marathon bone sesh. Basically, you’re embodying the Cancer constellation by becoming a total soft-shell crab, feeling super tender and loving.

This transit also makes it so that you feel way more eager to give and receive love. Cancer is the sign of family, the past, and your roots, so now’s a better time than ever to call up your loved ones to catch up. There’s a lot to be said about the importance of your chosen family during this time, too, and you’re definitely noticing that your very closest friends and loved ones are central to your life for the next few weeks. Having people in your life who are fun to be around is one thing, sure, but if your emotional needs aren’t being met, then you’re gonna have a hard time feeling fully satisfied in your relationships. So this time is all about figuring out the people who matter the most to you and really digging deep, spending tons of time together, and strengthening the ties you share with them.

Just please try to remember why your ex is an ex!

The downside of this next couple of weeks is that Venus in Cancer can make you, for lack of a better word, clingy with how much you’re wanting a deep, emotional connection. Everyone is feeling needier right now, so nine times out of ten when you get all gushy and corny and emotional with someone, it’s met with the same energy. But if you insist on pushing any kind of relationship or closeness that isn’t reciprocated, you run the risk of overstepping boundaries which is never okay, regardless of intention. Alternatively, you might have to enforce your own boundaries with someone soon because they dump their feelings on you and try to use you as an emotional crutch, which is also not okay!

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Venus in Cancer makes you super sentimental, too, which can be deadly with Mercury retrograde going on all month long bringing back exes and old friends. It’s easier to be deceived by others now, and when you look at your old partner and only think of the good times you had together, starting another relationship with them might sound like the greatest idea ever. Just please try to remember why your ex is an ex!

Your relationships are all going through a major glow up with Venus in Cancer. If a shitty friend has been making you feel crabby lately, you’ll be able to give them the chop and take one of the billions of acquaintances you met during Venus in Gemini and grow closer with them instead! You might find out that you’re developing a crush on that cutie you’ve been out with a few times, and now’s the perfect time to explore the idea of a romantic relationship with them.

This astrology is pushing you to honor your feelings and listen to your heart (plus your favorite sappy love songs) and by the time Venus finishes its time in Cancer, you and your closest loved ones will be tighter than spandex! Read your Sun and rising sign horoscopes below:


You’re receding into your shell a little bit now, when it comes to relationships. If someone isn’t immediately easy to hang with or doesn’t currently live with you, you’re not too bothered with them—so your family, roommates, and the people you invite over are your biggest focus for the next few weeks. These are the closest relationships you have, you’re making sure they’re all stable, secure, and in tip-top condition.


Your sign can have a great time with Venus in Cancer, because it gives you the chance to become familiar with the people around you. Coworkers, acquaintances, and other day-to-day, casual relationships become maintain and grow. With all these new people, a new best friend or partner could be in your midst as well!


Waahhh, Venus isn’t in your sign anymore! The constant stream of potential lovers flooding your DMs slows to a trickle for the next few weeks, but that gives you a second to catch your breath and look over all of the new people in your life to decide which ones you want to get to know better. A bonus of Venus in Cancer for your sign is the chance to be surprised by a little extra cash in your next paycheck, too!


Venus is in your sign, and boy, does it feel good! With the eclipse and retrograde happening to your sign, the positive vibes of the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty help you survive this month. You can use this energy to get a makeover, buy a new outfit, re-download Tinder and send out a few Super-Likes to find your next crush. Expect great results, because Venus is making you feel super hot and look even hotter!


You’re a master at entertaining others with your crazy sense of humor, good looks, and charisma, and you love how your friends eat it up. Sure, it feels good being popular, but what about when the cameras are off? When you’re not being showered in attention from others, how do you feel about you? Your love life is taking an intermission so you can sit backstage for a while and get in touch with yourself so you can love who you are without validation from others.


This Venus transit focuses specifically on your social circle and your network of friends. You’ve probably noticed your list of favorites has been shuffled around lately—Venus in Cancer is helping you while this trend continues all month by attracting people who care about you just as much as you care about them!


A bunch of astrological drama hitting your chart’s zone of public image might have you feeling like your reputation is on the line and everyone is scrutinizing you, especially at work. Venus in Cancer is your best friend right now, making it so you can flex your charisma and charm all month long. You might feel insecure and nervous about how others are thinking of you now, but by the end of the month, you’re feeling great about yourself and channeling major Sally Field vibes—“You like me, you really like me!”


You could meet your next crush during your summer vacay with Venus in Cancer lighting up your chart’s zone of travel! You’re picky as all hell, so when this bonafide hottie meets your eye and you catch immediate feelings, you know it was meant to be! You might be surprised with who it is that gives you heart-eyes, because Venus here makes you more likely to adventure outside of your usual type!


Venus in Cancer makes you want to hit the brakes on your “live fast, die young” independent lifestyle for a second and make sure your deepest committed relationships (like the one with your significant other) are holding it together. Your sex life warms up for the next few weeks, but so does the emotional factor in your love life—so if you’re single, you’re definitely falling for anyone you hook up with, even if it’s casual at first.


Your chart’s zone of relationships is being zapped by Venus in Cancer, which isn’t a bad place for it to be at all! You’re a stone-cold badass, but deep, deep, deep down is a sensitive, tender heart that is desperate for affection. Starting new relationships is supported for your sign now, and all of them are growing stronger in general!


Venus is spreading good vibes in your chart’s zone of work and responsibility! You’re your boss’ fave, and you might even develop a crush on one of your coworkers, too! This is also a great transit for self care and working on your health—so take some walks, start a meal prep routine, and have fun being the office darling the next few weeks!


Venus in Cancer is some of the best astrology you can ask for when it comes to improving your love life, Pisces! It’s illuminating your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, so you can look forward to getting plenty of action, going on tons of first dates, or if you’re already with someone, just having an even nicer time with them!

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