Uncontrolled diabetes has killed my sex drive – how do I get it back? | The Sun

Uncontrolled diabetes has killed my sex drive – how do I get it back? | The Sun


DEAR DEIDRE: UNCONTROLLED diabetes has made me hate my body, and my sex drive has disappeared.

My boyfriend claims he will be patient, but he keeps  hinting that he is not happy with our lack of intimacy.

I’m 28 and he’s 29. We’ve been together for nine years.

I developed Type 1 diabetes three years ago, and despite tests and medication, it’s not under control.

As a result, the weight has been dropping off me. My boobs have disappeared, I look scrawny and I feel weak.

While I used to want sex at least four times a week, now I have no libido.

Despite saying he’ll wait, my boyfriend  keeps joking about sex and reckons a dirty weekend away will help. 

I don’t blame him for wanting more intimacy. But I’m worried about my health and that if something doesn’t change, he’ll leave me. 

The doctor doesn’t seem bothered.

What can I do?

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DEIDRE SAYS: It’s very common for uncontrolled diabetes to lead to a reduced sex drive. 

If your GP won’t help, please ask to see another doctor. 

Do speak to Diabetes UK (diabetes.org.uk, 0345 123 2399). 

Talk to your boyfriend about how he’s making you feel by indirectly pressuring you to have sex.

He probably feels out of his depth – and worried about you. Joking can sometimes cover up awkwardness.

Read my support pack, Looking After Your Relationship, together.

The one on raising self-esteem should help you feel better about your body image.


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