UK’s sexiest accents exposed by study as Scouse and Irish feature in top five

UK’s sexiest accents exposed by study as Scouse and Irish feature in top five


The sexiest accent in Britain has been revealed as people have confessed what really turns them on.

It may come as a surprise to some, but the Mancunian accent came out on top, with over 50% of Brits admitting the accent can leave them hot under the collar.

If you've always had a soft spot for the Gallagher brothers, maybe this could help explain why.

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Unsurprisingly the Irish came in at second place, and were closely followed by Liverpool's Scouse accent in third.

The Mirror reported Londoners ranked fourth on the list, while It's Not Unusual to like a bit of Tom Jones, as the Welsh ranked fifth.

When the whole world was taken into account, it turns out Italian and French were the accents that people found the sauciest.

On the other end of the scale, people didn't seem to feel the same way about German, American and Aussie accents.

When a poll was carried out on 2,500 people in the UK, these accents were deemed to really lack in sex appeal.

The study, carried out by Best Casino, also revealed 95% of Brits consider accents to be important when it comes to picking out a partner.

An astounding 51% of women revealed they thought an accent is extremely important, while 49% of men also felt the same.

According to a study conducted by dating app Happn back in 2021, the Scottish accent was deemed sexiest.

What are the sexiest accents in the UK?

  1. Mancunian (Manchester)
  2. Irish (Ireland)
  3. Scouse (Liverpool)
  4. London
  5. Welsh (Wales)

What are the least sexiest accents in the UK?

  1. German
  2. Scottish
  3. American
  4. Australian

With Dating Sunday upon us, AKA the busiest day for dating apps of the year, it appears Mancunians and the Irish could be in with a great chance of bagging a date.

Singletons often have a list of things they're looking for when it comes to finding the perfect partner, but it turns out having a dreamy accent could up your chances of getting lucky.


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