Twilight star who played Jasper is completely unrecognisable 10 years after the Saga ended

Twilight star who played Jasper is completely unrecognisable 10 years after the Saga ended



who played Jasper Hale in the hit Twilight Saga looks completely different today, ten years on from when the last movie in the franchise was released.

Fans might not recognise the star if they passed him on the street as the actor now sports a dark beard and hairstyle, very different from the golden locks sported by his Twilight character, Cullen.

Jackson, 38, also appears to be keeping in shape as he regularly updates his fans on Instagram, showing off his toned physique and his impressive tattoos.

In one of his latest snaps, he looked worlds away from his vampire character as he wore workout gear whilst posing a serious-looking pose against a backdrop with an LED boxing glove sign.

He captioned the snap: “No excuses”, and his fans were quick to send their compliments to the star.

One fan penned: “Ok. You’re a complete stud. Whatever”, while another said: “Sooo handsome”.

A third added: “Your wife is a very lucky lady”, while another said: “Thirst trap. And I find myself caught. Thank you."

"Damn, wish I was aging a fabulously as you are!", another quipped.

Since appearing in the Twilight saga, based on the books by Stephenie Meyer, Jackson continued to work in acting and has starred in several television series and films. These include Finding Carter, Aim High, The Last Ship, The Guardians of Justice, WarHunt, Justice, and The Condor's Nest.

Although he has played many roles, Jackson is best known for his role as Jasper Hale, in the hit series of vampire films, and is often referred to as Jasper by his beloved fans.

The character Jasper is the adoptive son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen and the husband of Alice Cullen. He is also the adopted brother of Twilight's Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson.

Jackson was seen poking fun at his role in the Twilight film earlier this year when he shared a selfie along with the caption: “The sunset is #albuquerque is just for me. Not for you. (I put an anti-sparkle filter on)”.

Fans went wild for the reference, as one commented: “The anti sparkle filter. Good Lord, this is why I adore this man”, while another said: “You are so handsome! I Still see you as loyal sweet Jasper.”

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