‘Toy Story 4’: Positive early buzz for Keanu Reeves, Betty White

‘Toy Story 4’: Positive early buzz for Keanu Reeves, Betty White


“Toy Story” has never disappointed on delivering some of the best voice acting in the business, but the latest installment of Pixar’s most beloved franchise is a certifiable supernova of star power.

And now that the first reactions to “Toy Story 4” are hitting social media, it’s clear that this may be their best sequel yet.

“In the least surprising news of the year, TOY STORY 4 is a friggin delight. Easily the funniest one yet, and yet again leaves you in a pool of tears. This might be my favorite one yet,” tweeted Yahoo! Entertainment correspondent Kevin Polowy.

“#ToyStory4 goes to infinity and beyond. It tugs at the heartstrings right from the get go and doesn’t stop. The new characters fit right in and all your old favorites get time to shine,” wrote comics and pop culture journalist James Viscardi on Twitter.

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen reprise their roles as Woody and Buzz Lightyear, respectively, though they now share top billing with a slew of Hollywood heavy hitters new to the films, including Keanu Reeves, Betty White, Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, Tony Hale and Christina Hendricks.

Reeves — who has been squarely in the spotlight lately thanks to “John Wick 3” and his hilariously self-deprecating role in Netflix’s “Always Be My Maybe” — plays new toy in town Duke Caboom, “Canada’s greatest stunt man,” and fans already can’t get enough of the actor hamming it up in his first-ever role in a children’s movie.

Check out Reeves channeling his inner daredevil in this behind-the-scenes clip.


In a People.com exclusive video, cast members share wild fictional tales of the illustrious Duke Caboom.

“I heard he had his entire skeleton replaced with metal rods,” says Allen.

“My buddy saw him jump the Grand Canyon. Twice,” says Key. “He can draw a full beard in under four hours.”

“Two different sources had told me he only gets six hours of sleep a week,” adds Hale.

“He’s been declared dead three times,” says actress Ally Maki, who plays Giggle McDimples.

Finally, Reeves enters: “Is it all true? I think you know the answer to that.”

Fresh off the “Veep” series finale, Hale plays the skittish Forky, a googly-eyed plastic utensil crafted by their owner Bonnie. The adventure begins when Forky attempts an escape during a family road rip. When Woody tries to go after him — “Forky is the most important toy to Bonnie right now” — the pair end up lost at a carnival, so Buzz and the toy gang set out to bring them back.

Other new faces to the franchise — which began in 1995 and launched Pixar into the billion-dollar animation studios it is today — include Christina Hendricks as creepy babydoll Gabby Gabby, who rolls with a posse of spooky ventriloquist dummies, and beloved comedy legend Betty White as Bonnie’s long-stashed-away teething toy Bitey White.

“Toy Story 4” also marks director Jordan Peele’s (“Us,” “Get Out”) return to comedic acting, as Bunny, with longtime comedy writing partner Keegan-Michael Key as his cohort Ducky. The animated duo is reminiscent of “Key & Peele’s” uproarious and exuberant characters dubbed “The Valets.”

The animated feature only just celebrated its red carpet Hollywood premiere this week, but critics are already gearing up to watch it again.

“So #ToyStory4 is the most formally ambitious, visually ravishing and emotionally complex entry in the franchise. Josh Cooley is a certifiable visionary and one of the most exciting voices at Pixar. Absolutely floored. Cannot wait to see it again,” wrote Moviefone editor Drew Taylor on Twitter.

And for those who fear that the story of Woody, Buzz and the gang may soon come to an end, film fansite JoBlo.com tweeted a hopeful prediction for the future of these characters:

“#ToyStory4 brings a conclusion to the story of Buzz & Woody that we never knew we wanted but is totally worth it. It sets up a potential future for the franchise with a host of new characters. Definitely a quality Pixar film and one of their best sequels.”

 “Toy Story 4” hits theaters nationwide on June 21. 

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