Toronto Raptors Defeat Golden State Warriors To Win First NBA Championship & Drake Is Losing It

Toronto Raptors Defeat Golden State Warriors To Win First NBA Championship & Drake Is Losing It


Is the Drake Curse finally broken? The Toronto Raptors dethroned the Golden State Warriors by beating them in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to win their first championship!

History was made on June 13, 2019. In front of a sold-out Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, the Toronto Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals. The 113-110 win didn’t just give the Raptors their first NBA Championship in franchise history, but it also made them the first NBA team outside the United States to be crowned league champions. If that wasn’t enough, the win might have finally ended the “Drake Curse” once and for all! The 32-year-old rapper has been the unofficial MVP of the 2019 Finals, and he celebrated hard with the win by going nuts with joy at the Scotiabank Arena, where he and other Raptors fans in Toronto had gathered to watch the game.

It was a one or two point game for nearly the entire four quarters, which were filled with some serious drama when Warriors star Klay Thompson collided midair Toronto Raptors star Danny Green, 31, and had a hard landing, crashing to the ground and grabbing his knee. Dubs fans feared the worst when he limped off to the locker room but came right back to the court and nailed to free throws, but ultimately left the game. In the final seconds the score changed by one point back and forth as it looked to be another photo finish like game 5’s 106-105 win by the Warriors was. Steph Curry missed a 3 pointer with seconds left with the Raptors up 111-110 then a foul was called on the Warriors with less than a second left, giving the Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard two successful free throws.

Does this mean the “Drake Curse” is over and the “Drake Charm” is now a thing? The “God’s Plan” rapper has been the Raptors’ not-so-secret weapon throughout the playoffs, and especially in the NBA Finals. Even though Drake has Steph Curry and Kevin Durant’s jersey numbers tattooed on his arm, he was practically a member of the Raptors squad with how much he mocked the Dubs. In Game 1, he showed up wearing a vintage Dell Curry jersey (aka Steph’s father, who played for the Raptors at the end of his career.) He also plucked a bit of lint from Steph’s hair and put it on eBay, and talked some “trash” to Draymond Green at the end of the game.

Klay and Kevin Durant taunted Drake after the Warriors took Game 2, but Champagne Papi had the last laugh yet again when the Raptors won Game 3. It seemed that every time Toronto won, Drake’s troll game got stronger. However, he proved that all this trash talk was just fun and games when Kevin Durant ruptured his Achilles tendon in Game 5. Drake consoled his close friend on the sidelines of the Scotiabank Arena and wrote a touching tribute to KD on his Instagram afterward. “Praying for our brother. That’s my only concern is your well being. The game needs me is an understatement when it comes to 35. Please, with the best for this true warrior.”

While the Warriors weren’t the most “golden” version of the squad this year — the Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks won more regular season games than the Dubs – it’s still slightly shocking to see a team with Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins lose the championship, especially since they swept LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2018. Credit to the Raptors for starting out strong. Toronto took Game 1 (118-109), and the Warriors rebounded in Game 2 (109-104) Toronto took games 3 (123-109) and 4 (105-92.) The Warriors, bolstered by KD’s return before his devastating injury, squeaked by in Game 5 with a 106-105 win.

In addition to KD’s Achilles, Klay Thompson suffered a hamstring injury in Game 3. Kevon Looney has been playing through a fractured collarbone, according to FiveThirtyEight, and “Boogie” Cousins was still not at 100% after tearing his quadriceps. Throw in a struggling defense with a surging Toronto offense, as FiveThirtyEight lists Toronto’s offensive rating at 115.1 for the series, and it’s easy to see why this one slipped out of the Warriors’ fingers. Give it up for The 6, as the Toronto Raptors are your 2019 NBA Champions.

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