Tiger Woods Happy to Golf Without Fans Yelling and Touching Him: 'It's Different'

Tiger Woods Happy to Golf Without Fans Yelling and Touching Him: 'It's Different'


Tiger Woods is enjoying some peace on the green.

The 44-year-old golf champion told reporters on Tuesday that while having no fans at tournaments due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is "different," he hasn't really felt his game was affected. In fact, he said he's seen the upside to the absence.

"I haven’t had a problem with that,” he said of focusing without the presence of crowds, according to The Golf Channel. Continued Woods, "I was pretty into it. It’s different than most of the times when you go from green to tee, with people yelling or trying to touch you. That part is different."

He continued, "As far as energy while I’m competing and playing, no, that’s the same. I’m pretty intense when I play and pretty into what I’m doing."

Woods is playing in the PGA Championship in San Francisco, California, this week, marking only his fourth competitive event this year, according to the Golf Channel.

He told reporters that while he hasn't "played much competitively," he's been keeping up with his game and training regimen at home.

“So I've been getting plenty of reps that way, just trying to get my way back into this part of the season,” he explained. “The results that I've seen at home, I’m very enthusiastic about some of the changes I've made and so that's been positive. Keep building. Keep getting ready and be ready come Thursday."

In May, Woods also played in The Match: Champions for Charity with Peyton Manning, the duo competing against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson to benefit COVID-19 relief. The match was the most-watched golf telecast in the history of cable television.

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