Three hairstyles to avoid or risk ‘adding years to your face’

Three hairstyles to avoid or risk ‘adding years to your face’


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Magic night creams, tweakments and all the vitamins in the world may not take years off, but what will make you look younger is a flattering hairstyle. Of course, it’s important to recognise that looking younger isn’t the only important thing in life. There are several things to do to feel younger at any age, but if changing your hairdo will help you feel 10 years younger when you look at yourself in the mirror, maybe it’s time for a new cut and colour. Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles shared the five haircuts you should avoid, or risk adding years to your appearance if over 50. 


Many women have had long hair at one point in their lives, but as you get older, hair naturally thins out. 

The best way to emphasise healthy hair is a short, layered cut as opposed to straggly long hair.  

Ghanima said long hair “can age you because your once full locks are now less so, and it shows”. 

If you still want some length, consider a lob, or long bob. 

“Lobs – bobs that fall in the neck area or above the shoulders – soften angles that come out in your face with age,” the hair expert said. 

But to keep the cut from falling flat, ask the stylist to add a little layering. 

On the flip side, anyone with texture hair should avoid short haircuts that are “the same length all around”. 

Ghanima said, “three-inch afros are a thing of the past” and aren’t as youthful-looking as other styles could be.

It’s best to grow textured hair at least five inches and to have it faded around the sides and back. 

Layer-less bobs 

Layers create movement and volume and feathering around the face highlights features whilst adding the look of more hair if it’s thinning and ageing. 

The hair expert suggested women wanting to look younger should avoid a shortcut that’s “the same length all over and barrel-curled close to the scalp”. 

Pixie cuts with hair of different lengths to allow some swirling to over thinning looks “fantastic at any age”. 

Super-short or blunt bangs 

Bangs are timeless, and versatile and work with any hair colour and texture. 

For the best anti-ageing bangs, avoid baby or mini bangs. 

Ghanima explained: “Wherever your bangs fall, that is the feature they will emphasize the most. 

“You don’t want short bangs that fall right in the middle of your forehead where you might have a few lines,” instead, bring the bangs down to the eyebrows to “emphasise your eyes”. 

“Thick, blunt bangs” should also be avoided as they “don’t frame the face well”. 

Curtain bangs are the most current trend, and are not only youthful but “romantic”, She Finds was told. 

A middle parting is great for creating long layered fringes that settle on either side of your face, add volume with a blowdry. 

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