This Slush Puppie Machine Lets You Make Boozy Versions Of The Iconic Treat

This Slush Puppie Machine Lets You Make Boozy Versions Of The Iconic Treat


Remember the days of blue tongues? Same. Our youth was colorful for many reasons but mostly because we slurped on juices that turned our mouths a bright red or a deep blue. And this summer we can satisfy that inner child with a homemade Slush Puppie. A Slush Puppie Machine exists now and it will bring all the nostalgia to your next party.

In case you need a refresher, Slush Puppies are a worldwide beverage phenomenon that started in 1970 in Ohio. From Blue Raspberry to Cherry, their icy and fruity flavors cooled us down on hot summer days. We used to have to visit a stand that sold them, but now they can be whipped up in your own kitchen. Or on your back deck. The Slush Puppie Machine is a new product from Firebox.

If you’re located within the UK or Europe you can bring the beloved slushy beverage home (the machine, unfortunately, doesn’t ship to the U.S. yet). It retails for $50.99, but you’ll have to purchase the cherry and raspberry syrups separately. Don’t get it twisted with just another blender. The bright blue Slush Puppie Machine comes with the original retro Slush Puppie logo, making this countertop appliance more of a spectacle.

Making Slush Puppies isn’t the only thing that this machine can whip up. Because even though we might be children at heart, we are now all adults. And so you can use this machine to mix up more adult beverages like frozen cocktails or even iced coffee. To create your Slush Puppie, simply load ice and syrup to the drum and mix to your delight. You can try to pace yourself but I say embrace the brain freeze.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, this machine isn’t available to ship to the U.S. and Firebox is just as bummed about it citing "shipping restrictions" as the reason. But that doesn’t mean that us U.S.-based folks aren’t invited to the nostalgia party. Snow Cones were just as important to our youth as Slush Puppies. Now you can get your house set up with a Vintage Snow Cone Maker for that big summer bash, or just another Wednesday night. Nostalgia Products is a company that brings childhood carnival classics to your home. How about a retro Cotton Candy Maker?

Personally, I’m a yes please on the above products available in the U.S. From air popped pop corn to snow cones that will paint your mouth with that same ruby red or beautiful blue, you’re bound to take a nostalgia trip this summer. All from the comfort of your kitchen and back yard.

Adult appliances like microwaves and electric tea kettles and toaster ovens and coffee grinders are all necessary and important. They serve their purposes. We’re adults and need our morning coffee. But it’s appliances like the Slush Puppies Machine and the Vintage Snow Cone Maker and the Cotton Candy Maker that pull a kitchen together.

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