This New Docu-Series Inspires Women To Create Their Own Destinies

This New Docu-Series Inspires Women To Create Their Own Destinies


If your life is anything like mine, you probably spend a good portion of your weekends celebrating other people’s happiness. From weddings to housewarming parties, baby showers to graduations, it seems like there’s always a reason to recognize someone’s life achievements. And while I’m thrilled to celebrate the milestones of others, it’s also hard not to slip into the comparison trap, especially when it feels like I’m falling behind. Society has drilled into my brain the idea that, at nearly 30, I should surely be a homeowner and a mother by now (or at the very least — according to the pop-up ads in my social feeds — have my eggs frozen).

I think many women like me struggle with trusting their own unique life timelines. And that’s exactly what the aptly named docu-series "Timelines", which debuted at the 2019 Cannes Lions Festival earlier this month, investigates: how women around the globe are challenging conventional norms and dealing with societal pressures.

The series, a collaboration between global skin-care brand SK-II and award-winning journalist Katie Couric, follows Couric around as she engages in difficult, often emotional conversations with women from various international cities. She covers an array of stories and topics, but one theme remains consistent throughout: Women everywhere are defying expectations set by previous generations and are living life on their own terms.

Watch the preview for "Timelines" below and prepare to feel inspired to let your story unfold your way.

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