This creepy Timothée Chalamet puppet is terrifying the internet

This creepy Timothée Chalamet puppet is terrifying the internet


You can call him by his name, if you like.

An eerie ventriloquist doll of “Call Me By Your Name” actor Timothée Chalamet is captivating social media.

Found on eBay, the “one of a kind, handcrafted” puppet was listed this past weekend, with the starting bid set at $122,795.00. For that amount, one lucky buyer will receive a 26-inch tall, comically creepy Chalamet-like model made of upholstered white pine — and a hauntingly serene, doe-eyed countenance.

The beguiling marionette comes in a custom-made replica of Chalamet’s 2019 Golden Globes suit by Louis Vuitton, “complete with beaded and sequined harness.”

For the dummy-heads out there, this one’s noggin is controlled from inside the body by a “head stick,” complete with a spring-loaded head lock — “to keep head in place when not in use” — and sits on its own. In other words, perfect to place on your shelf for all your guests to see. (Unfortunately, “due to the very low price” you’ll have to buy your own standing base.)

“Makes a perfect gift for any occasion, from baby shower to bar mitzvah!” the listing reads.

No bids have been placed on this priceless piece (auction ends this coming Sunday), but internet audiences are finding it impossible to ignore the alluring quality of this rare work.

“Have not been able to get this out of my mind for a whole 24 hours. Absolutely cursed,” tweeted writer and editor Michael Cuby.

Some out there clearly have an eye for taste, such as the Ireland-based sociologist @NetflixBoy, who said, “Honestly if anyone is thinking about it, my birthday is in two months.”

Others, though, seem bewildered by mini-Chalament.

“This goosebumps reboot is terrifying,” tweeted Internet-comedian Calvin Stowell.

One person may now be permanently spellbound. “This is actually what greets me during sleep paralysis,” said Nashville-based playwright @adtimmswt, who must know at least a thing or two about top-notch theater-props.

Still, Twitter user @marajadexs gave credit where it’s due, pointing out, “The doll isn’t even creepy that’s just how he looks like.”

According to the seller, 20 percent of the sale of this extraordinary piece of fan art will benefit The Trevor Project, campaigning to “end suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning young people.”

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