The Top 10 Types of Exotic Flowers


Exotic floral arrangements are becoming more and more popular in the floral industry all over the world. The demand for exotic and tropical flowers has grown tremendously as the variety of designs that can be created is endless. We would like to discuss the top 10 popular exotic flowers used among florists.

1.     Orchid. The most common exotic flowers which typically is imported from Thailand. A bouquet made of orchids is delicate, refined and capable of conveying a whole palette of emotions. Depending on the selected shades, combinations with other flowers, florists are able to create unique arrangements regardless of the occasion and color theme. Such bouquets are effectively combined with exquisite evening gowns and delicate wedding dresses.

2.     Bird of paradise. This is an evergreen exotic plant with bright orange flowers of amazing shape. It is used by the florists as the main component when creating vertical lines in the arrangement. The bouquets with birds of paradise are always colorful, stylish and dynamic. Bird of paradise are flowers of year-round seasonality and amazing vitality.

3.     Protea. A very exotic and noble plant. In the XIX century, proteas were grown at the courts of kings and nobles. In the XXI century, they are available to everyone, but proteas have not lost their noble gloss and stateliness. This outlandish flower looks gorgeous in the brightest and most unusual bouquets and can pleasantly surprise even the strictest esthete.

4. Scabiosa. It is a beautiful and feminine flower, that counts more than a hundred species and is common in Europe, Asia and Africa. The color palette of the plant is quite diverse: there are white, purple, blue and, perhaps, the most amazing – lilac and black scabiosa.

5. Callas. Slender and spectacular calla lilies can emphasize the vertical lines in a dynamic arrangement or add a flirty touch to a classic round bouquet. The variety of callas’ shades allows florists to reveal the unique decorative qualities of such an exotic flower more fully. The delicate aroma of vanilla, excellent persistence and the innate elegance of this amazing tropical flower determine the frequent appearance of calla in exotic bouquets.

6.     Anthurium. Original, memorable, unusual – perhaps these are the definitions that best characterize this amazing flower. Anthuriums are distinguished by the richest range of shades: flowers can be found in white, burgundy, green, red-green, red, brown and pink tones. There are also floral specimens of mixed shades.

7. Celosia. The bright yellow, burgundy, orange, green and pink blooms of celosia are simply impossible not to notice. These exotic scallops or panicles, formed by many small flowers, involuntarily attract attention with their outlandish shape and color.

8. Heliconia. A vibrant tropical flower native to America, it embodies unbending masculine strength. The screaming yellow-red colours of heliconia seems to declare its rights to primacy and superiority. Unusual wedge-shaped blooms of Heliconia become an excellent accent element in levelled floral arrangements, while its sharp pointed lines add a stylish zest and spice to the round bouquets.

9.     Lotus pods. The fruits of the sacred plant of the East. In modern floristry lotus pods are becoming an ultra-fashionable component for designing exclusive arrangements that can win the hearts of the most exquisite connoisseurs of natural beauty. They can add unique notes to classical arrangements or create a completely distinct image that remains a vivid impression in the memory for a long time.

10.  Amaryllis. Luxurious decorative exotic flower which is highly demanded in modern floristic works: in bouquets and arrangements. Red and white blooms of the original shape exude a very bright and pleasant aroma. Amaryllis are flowers that blend harmoniously with many other types of flowering plants.