The One Thing Your Backyard is Missing: the Perfect Hammock

The One Thing Your Backyard is Missing: the Perfect Hammock


If there existed an encyclopedia page devoted to “perfect sunny day,” the accompanying image would most certainly have two things: a hammock and a backyard. When you close your eyes and picture the ideal way to while away a leisurely day outdoors, can’t you see it? Bonus points if your vision includes you in the hammock — lightly snoozing with a good book splayed across your chest (while you rest your eyes, natch) and a big hat blocking just enough sun to keep you safe but still let the warmth sneak through to your face.

Now, open your eyes. Is your backyard missing something? Like, oh we don’t know, the perfect hammock? You can’t very well enjoy the lazy hazy days of your dreams without a hammock to hold you, which means your mission is clear. You need to nail down the type of hammock best suited to your family so that it will truly be at home in your backyard.

Scrolling through hammocks like Tinder for your backyard might feel a bit neurotic but, listen, it’s important to make a match. You may not even realize how many different styles, types and price points of hammocks there are out there — and you’d hate to waste time with the wrong one. After all, that’s time you could be kicking with your new hammock.

To get you started, scroll through the following hammocks broken down by type.

Best for Active Families

If you’re a family on the go, grab one of these best-selling parachute hammocks — or, heck, they’re so affordable, why not grab a few? They’re super-tough (the straps have a breaking strength of 1000 lbs!), ultralight, compact-slash-easy-to-pack, and just at home in your backyard as they are deep in the mountains. Plus, they come in 20 fun colors, so everyone in the family can pick out what they want.

MalloMe double and single portable camping hammock, $22.99 – $29.99 at Amazon

Best for Quaint Yards

Bigger isn’t always better! First of all, smaller yards mean less landscaping duty. That’s your first plus. Another perk? Your little slice of paradise is perfect for this cute and colorful hammock chair.

Sorbus hanging rope hammock chair, $36.99 at Amazon


Best If You Love Being Cozy

Do you like feeling all snug as a bug in a rug? Are you a snuggler? A hunker-down-in-a-soft-spot type of person? Pick this “bonsai” hammock — it’s basically like chilling inside of a hug.

Bonsai hammock in red, $169.99 at Houzz

Best for Beach People

Stop staring in envy at those clever people who string their hammocks up under the beach pier — give being one a shot. This portable parachute hammock will make a nice addition to your backyard, but it will also become your new favorite accessory for beach days. Besides, we’re 100 percent obsessed with the graphite and sea-green color combo.

Legit Camping lightweight portable parachute hammock, $29.97 at Amazon

Best for Boho-Chic Backyards

Brb, gotta hit the “buy now” button on this oh-so-dreamy Cape Cod-style fabric hammock with charming macramé-esque adornments along the sides.

Furniture Creations Cape Cod hammock, $45.50 at Amazon

Best for Yards With No Trees

Just because your yard doesn’t have any trees it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a life without a hammock. Because, c’mon, what a sad life that would be, right? Vivere’s double hammock boasts a space-saving steel stand so you can put it anywhere you have space.

Vivere double hammock with tropical fabric, $89.99 at Amazon

Best for People Who Hate Bugs

If you’ve been avoiding hammocks your whole life because you can’t stand the idea of bugs joining your R&R, this hammock with netting protection could be a game-changer. And it’s portable, so you can take it along on adventures if your newfound bug-free-hammock-life so empowers you.

G4Free portable hammock with net-tent, $25.99 at Amazon

Best for People Who Aren’t Crazy About Hammocks

Maybe you have someone in your family who’s never really been a hammock person. Maybe it’s you, even. But we’re willing to bet this hammock will turn anyone into a believer. Its double size means it’s extra roomy but, more to the point, the super-soft quilted material makes it feel more like a bed than a bunch of rope.

Sunnydaze quilted fabric hammock, $71.95 at Amazon

Best for Little Ones

There is nothing — we repeat, nothing — more terrifying than the first time your small child tries out a hammock. Most of us know from experience how much it hurts when you accidentally throw the hammock off and get flipped out hard onto the ground below. Suffice it to say, no one wants this to happen to a little one. Let your toddler join in on the hammock fun in the safest way possible with a hanging swing seat, and you’ll both feel better.

Happy Pie Play secure canvas hanging swing seat, $35.99 at Amazon

Best for Families Who Live in the Pool

If your biggest problem is that the pool in your backyard doesn’t leave much room for a hammock, well, you’ve got the right sort of problems, pal. Besides, yours has a badass solution — instead of a standard hammock, you can splurge on this floating dock with a built-in hammock to moor in your personal oasis.

Floating dock with hammock, $1189.30 at

Best If You’re Big & Tall

Raise your hand if you typically tower over people around you (*raises hand*). There’s nothing worse than crawling into a hammock for an afternoon siesta, only to feel like there just isn’t quite enough space to get comfy. Rest easy, fellow big and tall friends — this oversized hammock has your back… and everything else. It’s 7-feet long, has 55-inch-wide spreader bars and can support up to 600 lbs.

Caribbean Hammocks jumbo soft-spun hammock, $179.99 at Amazon

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