The Most Popular Sex Toys at 12 Retailers

The Most Popular Sex Toys at 12 Retailers


One stellar aspect of living in our modern era is that there’s no shortage of sex toy options and places to buy them. Chain drugstores and big-box retailers alike carry them now, and a simple search for “vibrator” in Amazon’s Sexual Wellness Store category yields more than 10,000 results.

Convenience like this is a huge step forward from as little as a decade ago, but sifting through the choices — and the maybe-fake, maybe-not-fake online reviews — can be overwhelming.

So we’re cutting through that noise. We went to the most prominent adult retailers in the world and asked for their best-selling sex toys and the reasons why they’re great, so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next sexual accessory. The way we see it, millions of satisfied customers can’t be wrong.

Je Joue

Best-selling sex toy: Je Joue Mimi Soft, $95,

Why it’s popular: “Subtle, ergonomic, and versatile, the Mimi Soft appeals to such a wide variety of audiences,” says Dan Jackson, head of sales and marketing at Je Joue. “It’s known to be the most powerful compact vibrator on the market, with a large variety of options, from a gentle purr to a deep rumble. If we ever want to introduce someone to the brand, this is our go-to toy. It never fails! It’s also 100 percent medical-grade silicone, so [it’s] safe for your body.”

It’s so great that…: Actress Gillian Anderson tweeted about it after a 2018 episode of The X-Files reboot, during which a robot maid finds Agent Scully’s vibrator. “We sold out in minutes!” Jackson says.


Best-selling sex toy: PlusOne Vibrating Bullet, $10,

Why it’s popular: “It’s small but powerful!” says PlusOne spokesperson Stephanie Trachtenberg, who cites accessibility as another huge factor. “Fans love that they can find this at Target and Walmart.”

It’s so great that…: “It’s constantly being restocked,” she says. “We’ve sold over 100,000 so far this year.”

Wild Flower

Best-selling sex toy: VeDO Yumi Finger Vibe, $42,

Why it’s popular: “Based on customer feedback, this toy stands out through its design and a range of features that are highly requested: It’s quiet, easy to grip and hold, small yet powerful, and convenient to slip in between bodies,” says Amy Boyajian, CEO of Wild Flower. “The adaptable design and choice of colors make a great toy for a range of bodies, activities, and preferences. And all for under $50?! Yes, please!”

It’s so great that…: During a Monday Sex Q&A session on Wild Flower’s Instagram Stories, Boyajian answered three questions in one when they named the VeDO Yumi as a toy that’s quiet, good to use with partners, and a personal favorite. “Within an hour of that original Story post, we had sold out of all stock we had on hand,” they said. “Since then—a few weeks ago—we get at least one DM a day asking us about VeDO Yumi.”

Customers also don’t hesitate to follow up: “We get so many delighted DMs about how the VeDO Yumi is living up to and beyond expectations.”

Good Vibrations

Best-selling sex toy: Magic Wand Rechargeable, $130,

Why it’s popular: “Like the original Magic Wand, it has incredibly powerful, penetrating vibrations; unlike the original, this new, improved version is rechargeable and cordless, has four power intensities — low, medium, high, and ultra — and four vibration patterns, and [has] a smooth silicone head,” says Carol Queen, Ph.D., staff sexologist at Good Vibrations. “It’s strong and a truly beloved, iconic sex toy.”

It’s so great that…: “Well, for one thing, it was the first sex toy to have its own Twitter feed!” she says. “Also, the Magic Wand has been recommended for well over 40 years by some of the greatest experts of the sexuality world, most notably Dr. Betty Dodson.”


Best-selling sex toy: Bender, $59,

Why it’s popular: “Bender is a fan favorite because it stimulates both internally and externally, and is at a really approachable price point at $59,” says Polly Rodriguez, CEO of Unbound. “Its flexible shape also allows you to mold the vibrator into what stimulation angles work for you and experiment and try new ones. Lastly, it’s waterproof, medical-grade silicone, and USB rechargeable, which are also qualities our customers look for in a vibe.”

It’s so great that…: “My favorite story is from one customer who bought two because she said she needs one to be charging while she’s using the other because she uses them so much!” Rodriguez says. In fact, the Bender sells out so often that Unbound struggles to keep it on shelves: “It only launched nine months ago, and we’ve already sold over 10,000.” 


Best-selling sex toy: blueMotion NEX|1 2nd Generation $129,

Why it’s popular: “Everyone loves blueMotion NEX|1 2nd Generation for its easy-to-use remote play capabilities,” says Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod. “Its small, discreet size makes it the perfect wearable. Customers also love its ease of connection and its user-friendly OhMiBod Remote App. Many people comment on the app’s unique Club Vibe functionality that gives blueMotion NEX|1 the ability to vibrate to ambient sound, such as music at a club, concert, or in the privacy of your bedroom.”

It’s so great that…: “We are particularly proud of the fact that our folks in the military love this item so that they can stay intimately connected to their partners no matter where they are in the world,” she says. 


Best-selling sex toy: Satisfyer Pro 2, $50,

Why it’s popular: “Customers love this product for the unique, revolutionary ‘non-touch’ air-pulse technology, activating powerful orgasms through indirectly stimulating the clitoris, [and] the beautiful, unassuming shape and rose design,” says Megwyn White, director of education at Satisfyer. It’s also “whisper quiet,” waterproof, rechargeable, and reasonably priced, she says.

It’s so great that…: “This product was one of the first products in our line and has consistently been on top for over two years,” White says.

Children of the Revolution, Inc.

Best-selling sex toy: Le Wand Petite, $135,

Why it’s popular: “Le Wand Petite is a product of the people,” says Alicia Sinclair, certified sex educator and CEO of COTR. “We heard from our customers that they wanted our classic style, but in a product size that was travel-friendly and easier to hold. We were happy to oblige and ensure that our petite version packed the same power we’re known to deliver.

“Le Wand Petite has 10 vibration intensities, multiple attachments for both internal and external play, and a flexible head to avoid friction or overstimulation. All of these details result in a product line that not only creates amazing sensations but feels like a luxury experience when you use it.”

It’s so great that…: “Lots of folks call Le Wand Petite a top-drawer must-have, as it’s a great all-over massage and pleasure tool,” Sinclair says. 


Best-selling sex toy: Womanizer Premium, $189,

Why it’s popular: “It has two innovative functions: Smart Silence and Autopilot,” says Johanna Rief, global head of communications at Womanizer. “Smart Silence detects when the toy is close to the skin: The stimulator turns on when it is close to the skin and off when it is away from the skin, allowing the user to be fully present in the moment without worrying about the noise. The new innovative Autopilot function takes the lead while it harmoniously changes the stimulation pressure again and again, leaving you feeling surprised by each air-pressure pulse.

“It was the first model that had these additional functions, and people love them. They were surprised that we managed to make the Womanizer even better. That is the feedback we heard the most.”

It’s so great that…: “Jezabel Putride, a popular sex and body positive influencer in Europe, got a Womanizer Premium tattoo,” Rief says. “This is probably the greatest possible ‘proof of love’ we ever got—and people have already sent self-composed songs in the past.”

Dame Products

Best-selling sex toy: Eva II couples’ vibrator, $135,

Why it’s popular: “What customers and media truly love about Eva II is that it is Instagram-friendly, shaped like a cartoon frog, extremely flexible, and the first device of its kind that allowed someone to wear a vibrator during intercourse without having to hold it in place with their hand,” says Alex Fine, CEO and cofounder of Dame. “Eva II is hands-free, accessible for any and every situation, and can be used for all couples, regardless of sexual and gender identity, number of people and any other demographic.”

Fun fact: Eva II was designed by two women. CEO Fine studied clinical psychology; chief technology officer Janet Lieberman is a mechanical engineer and MIT alumna.

It’s so great that…: The original iteration of Eva is the most crowdfunded sex toy of all time, raising $547,000 in just 45 days,” Fine says. 


Best-selling sex toy: SONA Cruise, $99,

Why it’s popular: Inspired by a speaker’s subwoofer, the SONA uses sonic waves (instead of a vibrating motor) to transmit pulses deep into the body, stimulating the entire clitoral structure, not just the external part.

It’s so great that…: Pleasure is subjective, and some users may prefer rumbly mechanical vibrations to the deep intensity of sonic waves,” says Stuart Nugent, LELO brand manager. “But SONA offers an alternative. That’s the real advantage: It now offers customers a true choice over the sensations they bring to their body.” 

Museum of Sex, New York City

Best-selling sex toy: We-Vibe Sync, $199,

Why it’s popular: “The We-Vibe Sync was created to close the pleasure gap and redefine intimacy for women through innovation,” says Kit Richardson, staff sex educator at the Museum of Sex. “Shattering the orgasm glass ceiling, the We-Vibe Sync is a wearable vibrator worn during intercourse, providing hands-free clitoral stimulation and enhanced G-spot stimulation.

“The Sync is not only adjustable and conforms to the wearer’s body, but is app compatible. Pair up to your favorite playlist and vibrate with the music, or even let your partner control from anywhere in the world… People love the fit, the versatility, and fact that it’s a toy for the modern woman.”

It’s so great that…: “The We-Vibe Sync is almost impossible to keep in stock,” Richardson says. “Whether someone is getting it for their partner or themselves, the Sync is a constant mover here at MoSex, outselling our other top products 3 to 1.”

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