The Most Beautiful Bonsai Trees


The variety of Bonsai Trees in the world is impressive to any Bonsai Beginner. What are the most common bonsai tree types, and which one is the best bonsai? What is considered to be a beautiful bonsai tree? Let’s go over the most popular bonsai tree types and why people choose them.

Outstanding Juniper.

This is always an absolute crowd-pleaser and a bonsai best-seller. Classic, formal, traditional Juniper Bonsai represents the most popularized bonsai look to the public. Relatively easy to take care of, this bonsai is known for its aesthetically harmonical crown as well as well-balanced trunk structure. Grows really well in the colder regions and cities, such as Oslo, Moscow, Ottawa etc.

Fabulous Serissa or a Tree of a Thousand Stars.

These bonsai species are the combination of the most beautiful bonsai features in one tree – lush foliage, delicate blooms and remarkable root structure accompanied by textured bark and trunk curves. Serissa is an incredible bonsai tree that definitely stands out for its beauty to all bonsai lovers.

Strong Ginseng Bonsai Tree.

A pure symbol of strength, resilience and foundation, this bonsai is very well-known in the world. Adaptive, forgiving, and irrepressible Ginseng is beautiful bonsai tree in its own way. An impressive root structure and an ability to be dramatically trained, allowed bonsaists of all times, to create a defoliation technique and practice different approached to the trunk training.

Happy Umbrella Bonsai Tree or Schefflera.

Unique leaf structure and a fascinating tree crown for sure made this bonsai a beautiful one of kind. Extremely easy to take care of, Schefflera is known for an interesting look and a funky style. It deserves to be in the list of the most beautiful bonsai trees. Originally trained by Japanese, it made its way all around the world.

Dancing Brazilian Rainforest Bonsai Tree.

The most delicate and interactive bonsai tree. Fragile leaf structures, unique branch formation as well as fine trunk lines made this tree a true beauty among bonsai species. The leaves of rainforest have an ability to follow the sun cycle, opening in the daytime and closing at night. This makes this bonsai a particular point of interest for a wide public.

Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree.

This representative of the bonsai world is famous for a deep tone foliage, curved trunks, gentle blooms and a unique ability to form bright red berries. Fukien Tea is a dazzling jewel for a lot of bonsai collectors and lovers. This bonsai provides an incredible opportunity to observe and participate in a full life cycle of the bonsai tree, while presenting all beautiful features of the bonsai culture.

Tigerbark Retusa Bonsai Tree.

Tigerbark Bonsai is well-known for incredible curves it can form as well as the vivid colour of its foliage. This tree represents the dynamic of life and the peace of mind, being an absolute natural piece of art in hands of a skilled bonsai master. Easy to train, quick to adapt and grateful to be trained, Tigerbark provided a vast field of opportunities to showcase its beauty in any collection.