The Highest-Grossing David Arquette Movies And TV Shows, Ranked

The Highest-Grossing David Arquette Movies And TV Shows, Ranked


When David Arquette made his acting debut in the 1990 Fox American drama series, The Outsiders, many would have sworn it was a just stint in The movie industry. Surprisingly, the American professional wrestler has since gone Pro-acting, and today, the also has movie production works to his credit. The heavyweight champion of the 2000 World Championship Wrestling (WCW) has since gone on to star in the horror series- Scream, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and many other TV shows and series. However, in this article, we will look at the highest-grossing movies in which the 51-year-old prolific actor has featured to date.

10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer-1992 ($16.6 million)

Two years after his debut role, David played the role of Benny Jacks, a human who later became a vampire in the classic horror movie. In this role, the professional wrestler at the time was allowed to master his acting skills and showcase his versatility. The movie was successful when it was released and racked in $16.6 million from the American and international box office.

9 See Spot Run-2001 ($43 million)

David’s role as “Gordon Smith, the mail man” sees him bond passionately with an FBI-bound bullmastiff, despite being cynophobic. Unfortunately, the movie received many negative criticisms on rotten tomatoes, as viewers rated it poorly. However, that didn’t stop it from grossing $43 million at box offices in Canada and the U.S.

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8 Eight Legged Freaks-2002 ($45 million)

David showed versatility in his role as Chris McCormick in the 2002 comedy action movie. In his role as the protagonist, he stood up against an oppressor who wanted to sell his late father’s mines. Commercially, the movie was averagely successful, as it could not thwart its $30 million production. However, despite its release in three different countries, it could still rack in $45 million from the box office.

7 Entourage-2015 ($49.3 million)

Entourage is a Warner Bros. Pictures distributed 2015 comedy that featured top acts like Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, and Kevin Dillion. Alongside stars like Jessica Alba, Terrence J, Common, Gary Busey, T.I, and many others, David’s cameo role saw him appear as himself. Unfortunately, the movie received negative criticism from the public due to its high budget of $39 million. However, it could still generate $49.3 million in local and international box offices.

6 The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D-2005 ($72 million)

David’s role as the father of the protagonist Max in the 2005 3D superhero movie saw him shake up from his usual roles and take a more family-oriented role. Due to the use of Sci-Fi and multiple special effects, the movie’s production was expensive. Furthermore, it received criticism, as its box office revenue did not thwart the $52 million production cost by a large margin. The movie racked in just $72 million from local and international box offices.

5 Never Been Kissed-1999 ($84 million)

David starred alongside Hollywood sweetheart Drew Barrymore in the commercially successful 1999 American romantic comedy film. The movie had a mixed reception on rotten tomatoes, as 45% of its ratings were negative. However, that did not limit its success, as it still grossed $84 million at the American and international box offices.

4 Scream 4-2011 ($97.1 million)

In the 1996 American thriller’s last sequel, David continues his role as the incorruptible Sheriff investigating the murder of high school students- Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper. The movie was distributed by Dimension films and first premiered in Chinese Theater four days before its release in the U.S. Despite not being commercially successful as all the previous sequels, it still racked in $97.1 million at the box office.

3 Scream 3-2000 ($161.8 million)

After the success of the two sequels before it, the producers of the American slasher released the third part in the year 2000. This sequel tends to shake up the story but didn’t receive as many positive reviews as the one before it (Slasher 2). Featured as Deputy Sherriff again, David played a more prominent role and even proposed to his longtime admirer- Gale. Like Scream 1 & 2, the movie was commercially successful, grossing $161.8 million at the box office.

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2 Scream 2-1997 ($172.4 million)

A year after the release of its first part, Dimension films released the second sequel, much to the delight of its audience. The movie received positive reviews, as viewers believed its quality surpassed the original. David continued as Deputy Dewey Riley, the efficient police officer, investigating criminal high school murder cases. Commercially, the movie was another hit, as it racked in $172.4 million from both local and international box offices.

1 Scream-1996 ($173 million)

In the 1996 American slasher, David played the role of Deputy Dewey Riley, a role he will end up playing in the classic Tetralogy. His role as a Sheriff required him to investigate a murder affiliated with his younger brother Tatum Riley. According to the movie writer- Kevin Williamson, he was inspired by his passion for horror movies and the case of Daniel Harold Rolling, aka Gainesville Ripper. The movie remains David’s most commercially successful one, as it grossed a whopping $173 million at the box office.


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