The Cruel Way Prince William Treated Kate Middleton Early in Their Relationship

The Cruel Way Prince William Treated Kate Middleton Early in Their Relationship


Every time we see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, they appear to be completely in love with each other. Although we don’t see them showing much PDA since it’s against royal rules, we can see from the looks of happiness on their faces that they are totally connected. There’s no doubt they adore and respect each other.

Royal fans can certainly agree that Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to be made for each other. After all, it is almost impossible to imagine either of them with anyone else.

Will and Kate have been together for almost two decades, and have always supported each other along the way. The prince stuck by Kate’s side as she adjusted to the pressures of royal life in the spotlight. The Duchess knew that William was always there for her.

In fact, when we look back at the day they married, William can be seen telling Kate just how beautiful she looked in her iconic gown as she joined him at the altar. With all of the admiration that they have for each other, it is hard to believe that things weren’t always as perfect as they are now. In fact, many fans may not be aware of the cruel way that Prince William treated Kate early on in their relationship.

They were friends first

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13a Hope Street, St Andrews, Fife; the flat where William and Kate formed their relationship. Located in the center of a small Scottish town nearby to the University of St Andrews, this two storey apartment was home to the future Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and two other friends for their second year of studying. After finishing their freshman year in June 2002, William and his fellow Etonian friend Fergus Boyd (above), who had the room next door to the Prince in the St Salvator's hall of residence, decided to move into the Hope Street flat with Kate and Olivia Bleasdale (above). Olivia had been an old friend of the Prince's and had become very close to Kate at university, so she seemed the perfect person to join the group. The landlady revealed that she originally had a 'no boys allowed' policy, however she adjusted it since the future King was wanting to rent it (as you would). Speaking about William, she recalled he was a "very friendly, very charming, thoroughly nice man" who insisted on meeting the landlords even though they knew his credit rating was quite high. This was a luxury for William – being the first Prince to live in a flat with friends – as it offered him an element of normalcy; in saying that, however, the flat did have to be equipped with bulletproof windows, bombproof doors and a laser security system. They each paid £100 per week and shared the cooking and cleaning, throwing the odd dinner party for friends. The flat had one bathroom and five bedrooms; William's bedroom was the biggest and overlooked a small garden. It now costs £650 a month to rent. William and Kate were not a couple until later in 2003; it came to the world's attention in April of 2004 when they were seen together at Klosters ski field. During the majority of their time in this flat, the two were still just friends and William was involved with another girl, Olivia Hunt for part of it. Kate had been single since she split from her boyfriend, Rupert Finch, when he left St Andrews in mid 2002, around the time Kate decided to move in with William and co. By the time they left Hope Street and moved into Belgove House, a private cottage nearby, the two had began dating.

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We all know that Prince William and Kate Middleton first made each other’s acquaintance at the University of Saint Andrews when they were both young college students. Kate was actually dating someone else at the time. She and William were nothing more than just friends. They ended up as roommates with other students.

Prince William has said he began seeing Kate in a completely new light when he watched her walk in a charity fashion show. She was wearing a sheer dress and her wavy hair was cascading over her shoulders. It wasn’t long before the two became romantically involved. When they came forward as a couple, the world just knew it was the beginning of something special.

A royal proposal and lavish wedding

William and Kate spent years dating and even broke up on two occasions. Their relationship certainly wasn’t easy. Especially with Kate suddenly becoming the focus of photographers who followed her every move, and William trying to protect her.

After being dubbed “Waity Katie” by the news media, the couple finally announced the wonderful news that they were engaged. Kate Middleton began wearing the amazing sapphire and diamond ring that was once worn by Princess Diana. A few months later, she and William officially became husband and wife in a wedding that cost an estimated $34 million dollars.

After being married for a few years, they welcomed Prince George in 2013, Princess Charlotte in 2015, and finally, little Prince Louis in 2018. Every time the family makes an appearance, it’s apparent just how happy they are.

Prince William treated Kate Middleton in a cruel way early in their relationship

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The Duchess of Cambridge takes the Salute at the @HouseholdDivision’s Beating Retreat — a spectacular evening pageant of music and military precision drill, including horses, cannon and fireworks. Military Beating Retreat concerts have a long tradition dating back to the 1690s. Originally the beating of the drum was used to order troops to break off fighting and withdraw to the safety of camp as darkness fell, later it signalled the closing of the camp gates at the end of the day and called troops back to base for the night. Today a Beating Retreat is an evening military concert with a marching display and usually marks the lowering of the Regimental flag at sunset, performed each year on the Wednesday and Thursday evenings preceding the Queen’s Birthday Parade, or “Trooping The Colour” as it is often called 📷PA @armyinlondon @household_cavalry #BeatingRetreat #HorseGuards #horseguardsparade

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It’s pretty surprising to learn that Prince William wasn’t so nice to Kate in the beginning. According to a biographer, Kate was “treated like a servant” by her future husband when their relationship first began. It is said that he didn’t always speak to her as nicely as he could have, being “curt” and “flippant” most of the time.

As a result, Kate often felt “taken for granted.” She even felt ignored and neglected at times. Prince William explains the situation by saying that they were both “very young.” He probably didn’t realize what he was doing wrong, and obviously, Kate was willing to move past it. We are so glad that everything worked out for the best since Kate and William are such a beloved couple.

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