'The Bachelorette': Who Are The Four Contestants Fans Want To See Make It To The Top Four?

'The Bachelorette': Who Are The Four Contestants Fans Want To See Make It To The Top Four?


The new season of The Bachelorette has only been on the air for three weeks and fans already have their favorites.

Now that we are starting to get a sense of which men are on the show for the right reasons, we can officially start rooting for our top contenders.

Some fans have even gone as far as sharing their predictions about the final four men and surprisingly, many people are in agreeance.

*The Bachelorette spoilers ahead*

The fan favorites have a good chance of making it to the end

Even though we still have a long season ahead of us, Bachelor Nation fans are already putting in their votes for the top four contenders.

From what we’ve seen these past three weeks, there are a few men who are leaving lasting impressions on Hannah, but a handful of them has what it takes to make it to the end.

After getting to know the men a little more, fans have taken to Twitter to share who they think will be battling it out for Hannah’s heart up until the final rose.

Fans are certain Peter, Jed, Tyler C., and Connor will be the ones making it to the top four and can see one of them eventually becoming Hannah’s husband.

Some fans even vowed to stop watching the show if these four men are not the last ones standing.

One fan tweeted, “if these guys aren’t the final 4, I will never watch a bachelor franchise show ever again #TheBachelorette.”

Though some fans are no longer rooting for Luke P. after his actions during the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, there are still a few people who think he’ll make it to the top four.

After confronting Luke about his overbearing actions, Hannah revealed that she is starting to see red flags.

Even though Hannah admitted to having feelings for Luke P., fans are starting to think that his time on the show is limited.

The finalists have already been revealed

Though they still have a long way to go, details about the finalists have already been leaked on the internet.

According to celebrity blogger Reality Steve, photos from Hannah’s hometown dates have already surfaced online and Hannah’s top four are Luke P., Tyler C., Jed, and Peter.

At the time, it was reported that Luke P. had received the first hometown date of the season.

Photos and videos from that day showed Luke and Hannah walking hand-in-hand alongside producers in Gainesville, Georgia, and visiting Curt’s Cafeteria.

Sources then caught Hannah and Tyler C. soaking up some sun in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida while they snorkeled and held hands as hung out at Square Grouper Tiki Bar.

Jed was the next one to welcome Hannah to his hometown and fans caught the Bachelorette jumping into his arms in the middle of Market Square in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Sources have reported that Peter was the last one to have a hometown date but his time with Hannah was kept a little bit more under wraps.

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