The 1 Thing Kate Middleton Refuses To Do Like Princess Diana

The 1 Thing Kate Middleton Refuses To Do Like Princess Diana


Kate Middleton has drawn a lot of comparisons to Princess Diana over the years, but there is something she refuses to do like Prince William’s mother. Since tying the knot with Prince William in 2011, Middleton has risen in popularity to become one of the most-liked royals in the family. But when it comes to being in the spotlight, the Duchess of Cambridge is very careful about not outshining her husband.

Middleton draws Princess Diana comparisons

When Kate Middleton and Prince William were in Pakistan in October, she wore many of the same outfits as the former Princess of Wales. On the second day of their trip, for example, Middleton wore a dress that looked very similar to what Princess Diana donned on her visit to Lahore hospital in the late 1990s.

The similarities did not end there. The following day, Middletonrocked a headscarf that appeared to be inspired by the same outfit PrincessDiana wore during a trip to the exact same mosque.

While royal watchers were keen to pick up on the similarities,the person who designed Middleton’s outfits says the commonalities are nothingmore than coincidence.

Middleton has not said anything about dressing like PrincessDiana, but there is reportedly one thing she refuses to do that PrinceWilliam’s mother did on the regular.

Kate Middleton refused to do this one thing like Princess Diana

Once Middleton officially joined the royal family, inside sourcessay that she did not want to follow the same path as Diana. According to Express, the one thing she wanted to specificallyavoid was how Diana often outshined her husband, Prince Charles, during publicengagements.

But that proved more difficult than expected. Middleton andPrincess Diana share a lot in common, from their overall looks to how theyhandle themselves in public.

One big difference, however, is Kate Middleton’s desire to follow the family rules whenever possible – something Princess Diana never did. In fact, Princess Diana was often viewed as the rebel of the family and was never afraid to speak her mind.

To that end, Middleton followed the advice of her royal aides andalways made sure she followed royal protocols. This includes remaining a stepbehind Prince William in public and always following his lead.

To be fair, Middleton does a lot of things on her own, but shestill manages to give Prince William the spotlight whenever they are doingjoint appearances.

Would Princess Diana approve of Middleton?

While there are things that Kate Middleton does differently than Prince William’s mother, royal experts believe Princess Diana would have loved to meet her son’s wife.

Ingrid Seward, an expert on all things royal, recently arguedthat Princess Diana would have been close to Middleton, mostly because theDuchess of Cambridge does things the right way and is very good for PrinceWilliam.

Seward added that Princess Diana would also have made anexcellent grandmother, though there is no telling if she would have gottenalong with Middleton’s side of the family.

Princess Diana tragically died in a car accident in Paris in thesummer of 1997. At the time of her heartbreaking death, Prince William was only15 years old.

Princess Diana teaches Kate Middleton how to win over the public

Middleton might like to do things a little differently from Princess Diana, but there are things she learned from the former Princess of Wales. This is especially true when it comes to raising her three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Although they are all three in the line of succession, Middletonand Prince William are doing their best to ensure their children are brought upin as normal an environment as possible.

Middleton is very hands-on with raising her three children andoften performs day-to-day activities for them, liking driving them to schooland making meals. Prince William also pitches in whenever he can, which givesthe kiddos a fairly normal life.

This is exactly how Princess Diana raised Prince William and hisbrother, Prince Harry, so it is good to see that some of her parenting ideaswere passed on.

Kate Middleton and Prince William, meanwhile, have not commented on the reports surrounding Princess Diana.

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