Tesco and Asda share latest update on buying non-essential items during lockdown

Tesco and Asda share latest update on buying non-essential items during lockdown


Asda outline their latest safety measures during the pandemic

With lockdown measures being enforced across the UK, supermarkets are one of the few places Britons are still allowed to go. Tesco and Asda have shared shopping advice for customers.

A full lockdown has been imposed in most parts of the UK this week.

Britons have been urged to stay home as much as possible with only a few exceptions.

Only stores selling essential items, such as in supermarkets, are allowed to stay open.

One of the reasons people can leave their homes is to go to the supermarket.

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Shoppers are encouraged to visit their local branch as little as possible.

The rules explained customers should only go to the supermarket for essential groceries.

During lockdowns imposed last year, this led to some stores cornering off aisles which sold non-essential products.

The supermarket chains Tesco and Asda have confirmed the latest rules on buying non-essential items.


As well as selling food products, larger Tesco stores stock non-essential items such as clothing and homeware.

There are no plans for branches to stop doing so during lockdown, Tesco confirmed.

The retailer stated it would follow government guidance on selling non-essential items.

In England, current guidance states non-essential items can be sold in a “mixed retail” setting where essential items are also on offer, like in a supermarket.

Shoppers visiting large Tesco branches will still be able to browse through non-essential merchandise and the clothing department.


The supermarket chain also stocks non-essential items such as electrical goods and clothing.

Asda has confirmed it will not make any changes in stores and continue to sell non-essential items in mixed branches.

The retailer also has standalone Asda Living and George stores.

These branches must temporarily close as they do not sell essential items.

When visiting stores, Asda explained it has increased safety measures with more colleagues on duty at the front of stores.

It will also clean baskets and trolleys more regularly and shoppers are encouraged to maintain social distancing.

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