Teen mum from UK’s biggest family says daughter’s dad ‘wasn’t ready to step up’

Teen mum from UK’s biggest family says daughter’s dad ‘wasn’t ready to step up’


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This year, the Radford family, from Morecambe, Lancashire, welcomed two new additions.

Sue became a mum-of-22 when little Heidie entered the world back in April.

Meanwhile in September, 19-year-old Millie gave birth to a baby girl named Ophelia.

During those nine months, the teen, who is party of UK's biggest family, was quite vocal about her pregnancy on social media.

Now in new YouTube video, Millie, along with her dad Noel, mum Sue and sister Chloe, have answered all your burning questions.

And the one thing that most people are probably wondering is where Ophelia's dad is.

In the clip to their 237,000 subscribers, Millie said: "I'm not saying who he is because he's completely out of our lives."

She added: "He's in a new relationship, we don't have anything to do with each other.

"We haven't had anything to do with each other for months – from pretty much the beginning of my pregnancy.

"He just wasn't happy to step up and be a dad so he's never been named."

Sue then commented: "That's a question that keeps coming up so now you guys know why Millie hasn't shared anything about him."

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Millie gave birth to Ophelia in September and made the announcement with a sweet picture of the newborn on Instagram.

Throughout the whole pregnancy, the teen kept the dad's identity a secret from all her fans.

Now in the family Q&A she revealed the reason was because "there's nothing really much to say about it".

She continued: "We are nothing to each other – we're not in love."

Millie concluded: "There's no big story, he's not famous, he's no one special.

"He's just a typical boy from where I live."

Previously, the Radford teen admitted her five-hour labour "wasn't that bad".

She added: "Loved every second of it, couldn't believe how fast it went…"

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