Taylor Swift is unrecognizable as ‘The Man’ in new music video

Taylor Swift is unrecognizable as ‘The Man’ in new music video


Thought “Miss Americana” presented Taylor Swift in a whole new light? In her latest music video “The Man,” she is literally unrecognizable as an obnoxious businessman who chomps cigars and “manspreads” on the subway.

The four-minute music video, which dropped early Thursday, shows Swift, 30, masquerading as what she envisions life as a man to be, which apparently entails strutting around in thousand-dollar suits, smoking cigars on the subway, and yachting around like Leonardo DiCaprio in “Wolf Of Wall Street.”

Heavy-handed critique of male privilege aside, her makeup and CGI makeover is so impressive that you might watch the entire video wondering when the pop diva is going to appear. Then, you realize that swaggering suit in the video was occupied Swift all along.

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, she even appears as a super realistic old man getting married to a young model in an apparent jab at sugar-daddying.

“If I was a man, I’d be the man,” intones the country singer while her male alter-egomaniac paints “The Man” on a subway wall with his urine.

The singer-songwriter’s dad, Scott Swift, even makes a cameo in the vid as a tennis umpire being berated by a John McEnroe-esque man-Swift over a supposedly unfair call.

The clip concludes with Swift sans man-makeup criticizing her guy facsimile’s performance: “Could you try to be sexier this time?”

“OK,” man-Swift replies — in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s voice.

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