Tattoo addict asks public to guess how much ink she has – after ‘losing count’

Tattoo addict asks public to guess how much ink she has – after ‘losing count’


The British mum infamous for her tattoo 'addiction' enlisted the help of strangers to count how many inkings she has.

Melissa 'Missy' Sloan, 46, from Wales, has been getting inked for more than half her life.

But that means she's lost track of how many she's actually had.

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Although the mum-of-two thinks she's got hundreds of tattoos, she doesn't know the exact number.

And it's no surprise considering she gets etched at least three times a week at home by partner, Luke, at anytime of the day.

From the cobweb design on her boobs to the butterfly stamp on her privates, not a crevice of Melissa's body is untouched her by the DIY art.

So, to try and help Melissa keep track of her tattoo collection, we got a helping hand from the general British public.

The Daily Star team and 'Britain's most tattooed mum' took to the streets of London to get some answers.

And when asked to take a guess, one bloke chuckled: “Good question…a lot."

Despite his best efforts, the chap couldn't quite reach a number and decided to go with "more than a lot", which is not a bad estimate.

Melissa's overwhelming amount of tattoos also challenged the rest of the Brits would had a chinwag with.

Many found it difficult to come to a definitive answer.

“In the hundreds I would have thought," a stranger reckoned.

Meanwhile, another geezer thought that Melissa's ink obsession had flowed into the four digit range.

And to be honest, it doesn't seem like that he would be that far off.

He gasped: "There’s got to be to hundreds, got to be hundreds. A thousand?"

One bloke thought he'd give it his best shot by giving a quick scan of Melissa and gave us an actual number.

"220," another said as she shrugged with his specific guestimate.

But, it's a bit like guessing how many sweets are in a glass jar!

A lady added: "I don’t know! Thousands?"

A construction worker decided to apply some logic in his answer as he noted that Melissa is 'Britain's most tattooed mum'.

But he was still far off.

"Well if she’s the most [tattooed mum in Britain] then I’d say a couple of hundred," he answered.

The public gave it a good go but were not able to come to a conclusion.

So for now, we will go with Melissa's estimate – which is 800 singular tattoos.

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"I love tattoos and I can’t stop having tattoos because I’m addicted to them," Melissa exclusively told us.

"I think I have about 800 tattoos, on the face I don’t know, I have three layers.

"I can’t see myself stopping having tattoos because it’s like losing an arm or a leg.

"It’s that addictive for me anyway, it’s never going to stop.

"Not even if I was given a week to live, I would have a tattoo done."

Let us know in the comments how many tattoos you think Melissa has – do you think it's more than 800?

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