'Survivor': Joe Rogan Dated and Cheated On This Castaway

'Survivor': Joe Rogan Dated and Cheated On This Castaway


Two wrongs don’t make a right. That’s what our parents always taught us, at least. Morally, fans probably shouldn’t be happy to hear that a Survivor contestant was cheated on. But some fans might not be that upset when they learn more about this Survivor villain’s relationship history with Joe Rogan.

So which castaway was able to weather storms, grueling challenges, hunger, and social ostracization, but wasn’t able to keep Joe Rogan’s interest? Here’s a hint: she was also booed off the stage on the Survivor: All-Stars reunion episode.

Who is Jerri Manthey?

Jerri Manthey has appeared on three seasons of Survivor, specifically Survivor: The Australian Outback, All-Stars, and Heroes vs. Villains. Manthey is well known for being something of a villain on Survivor. This could be due to her abrasive and upfront attitude — Manthey does not mince words.

In fact, Manthey tends to get in semi-frequent confrontations with other castaways. One such incident took place when Manthey accused fellow castaway Kel Gleason of smuggling beef jerky onto the show and eating it at camp. When no evidence was found, Manthey refused to back down.

In her CBS bio, Manthey is described as, “adventurous, fun loving, spontaneous, honest, and kind. Her favorite hobbies include photography, cooking, painting, writing, reading, and her all-time favorite, camping. She enjoys hiking and/or backpacking to very remote, unknown places in order to escape the craziness of Los Angeles.”

Manthey is also famous for having been booed off stage during the reunion episode of Survivor: All-Stars. Manthey was shouted down when she interrupted a debate between Rob Mariano and Tom Buchanan to say that, “This entertainment is coming at a price. What it has cost us is our friendships, our feelings, our pain, our suffering. For entertainment.”

When did they start dating, and who is Joe Rogan?

Jerri Manthey and Joe Rogan allegedly got together in 1997, before either of them really had their big breaks on reality television. Joe Rogan went to high school in Newton, Massachusetts, and broke into the Boston comedy scene in 1988. In 1997 Rogan began commentating for the UFC, and it wasn’t until 2001 that he was invited to be the host of Fear Factor.

Today, Joe Rogan continues to be famous, especially well-known for his podcast. Unfortunately for longtime fans of his UFC commentating, Rogan has recently decided not to participate in ESPN broadcasts of UFC events.

What went wrong?

While it’s unclear how the two met, it’s quite clear why they split. While appearing on an episode of The Howard Stern Show, Rogan admits to having cheated on Jerri. Stern corners him, repeatedly asking what went down.

“He said to me, that the problem with you is that you are self-centered and that everything is me me me me,” added Stern.

“Actually, I broke up with him. … I don’t want to bad mouth him. Those were old times and I’ve forgiven him for hurting me,” added Manthey.

“Did he cheat on you?” asked Howard Stern. After a telling pause, he adds, “He did.”

“We used to have huge fights. We used to have the worst fights. … Cause I wanted to have sex with other chicks. … I did a bad thing, I learned my lesson…a couple times. Look I hooked her up with one of my friends!” said Joe.

Manthey goes on to point out that while it was nice of Rogan to try and introduce her to someone new, it doesn’t really matter when someone’s just cheated on you.

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