Student compared to children’s TV villain after eyebrow tint goes horribly wrong

Student compared to children’s TV villain after eyebrow tint goes horribly wrong


A furious student has slammed a beautician after a botched eyebrow tint and shape "left her looking like a children's TV villain".

People on Twitter compared Caron MacLeod, 21, to Lazytown bully Robbie Rotten.

She had shared a photo of her bungled brows online after her procedure had gone awry.

"Correct me if am wrang but I think the c*** who done ma brows was blind," the student tweeted.

Caron's angry post has since gone viral, racking up more than 3,000 likes.

Referencing the brow technician, one person replied: "She musta just been a fan of lazy town."

And another person sent her a photo of Robbie Rotten, simply captioning it "Lazytown".

A third commented: "Best brows in the business."

Robbie Rotten is the nemesis of the children in the TV show. He likes to eat junk food and watch TV, and gets upset by the children's attempts to keep fit.

He was played by Stefán Karl Stefánsson, who tragically died of cancer in August last year .

Caron, of Glasgow, hasn't chosen to name the salon at which she had the procedure done.

But she admitted the brow technician has offered to fix them for free.

Caron, though, declined this and has since scrubbed them off herself.

It comes a young woman claimed her £25 PrettyLittleThing swimsuit stained her black before she even got in the water.

Charlie Wainwright had only worn the dark lion-belted garment for minutes when she noticed the stains.

The 21-year-old, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, said scrubbing it left her skin "red raw".

"Is this a joke??? £25 for a swimsuit that DYED my skin before even getting into a pool," she tweeted the fashion outlet.

The swimsuit is listed on its website as having "a black material with a super flattering fit and a lion buckle belt detail in a halterneck design".

But Charlie, who is a TV researcher, said: “You would expect a swimsuit to not run."

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