Sofia Richie ‘Grateful’ To Reconnect With Kylie Jenner On Luxurious Girls’ Trip

Sofia Richie ‘Grateful’ To Reconnect With Kylie Jenner On Luxurious Girls’ Trip


Sofia Richie joined Kylie Jenner for a weekend girls’ trip to celebrate Kylie Skin, and HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY heard how Sofia felt about being included on the getaway.

Sofia Richie, 20, joined in on the fun when she joined Kylie Jenner, 21, and Kylie’s group of friends for a fun weekend in Turks & Caicos for a Kylie Skin launch celebration a few days ago. A source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife, “Sofia was so thrilled to be invited to Kylie’s girls trip in celebration of her skincare line,” they said.

“She’s been having the time of her life with Kylie and all her friends, and is so happy to be spending quality time with Kylie,” they continued. “Sofia is feeling very grateful that she’s been able to have this time to just relax and unwind with Kylie and it’s a great way for them to reconnect.”

“Kylie and Sofia haven’t had a chance to hang out much over the past several years because they’ve both been busy with their own work and family lives,” our insider added. “But this was the perfect way for them to make up for lost time and Sofia is looking forward to more bonding time with Kylie.”

Another source added, “Sofia is the going out type. Sofia is 20 and really wants to live life to the fullest and have fun. Kylie chose the route of becoming a mother and working to become a billionaire, which is definitely different lifestyles but Kylie has wanted to go out a little more and enjoy being young. Kylie wants to let loose and take on having good times much more and Sofia is the perfect remedy for Kylie because Sofia knows to have a good time.”

Our source concluded, “[Sofia] is the perfect person to hang out with, we are going to see this friendship blossom big time and they are going to hang out a lot more. Because they are basically family and they don’t have to worry about each other burning any bridges.” Sofia is “basically family” since she has been dating Scott Disick, 36, since 2017. We’re so happy that Kylie and Sofia are getting closer now, especially after Kylie recently lost one of her best friends!

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