Social media users share scary toys that should never have been made

Social media users share scary toys that should never have been made


The stuff of nightmares! These terrifying toys should never have been made – from a Zombie-like version of Disney’s Woody to a bizarre duck doll

  • People from around the world have shared the scariest kid’s toys known to man 
  • One snap shows a child’s toothbrush shaped like a pistol, with a working trigger
  • In another, a baby doll’s baby face is forever stuck in a horrific crying expression 

Toys, for the most part, spark joy in children’s hearts but occasionally, they’re more sinister than comforting. 

Social media users from around the world have shared snaps of the most terrifying toys, dolls and gadgets, with the best examples collated in a gallery by Bored Panda. 

Some of the worst offenders appear to be knock off versions of popular merchandise, such as a stuffed fish that was probably mean to be Disney’s Nemo, but the addition of a bared mouth full of plastic false teeth did not create a cute and cuddly effect.  

Elsehwere, some giraffes hanging by their necks in a toy store, created an accidentally sinister scene. 

Here, Femail shares some of the terrifying toys that are best left out of the nursery if you don’t want children to have nightmares.  

Deck the hells! The Christmas porcelain doll is meant to be singing a joyful tune but instead,  she appears to be screaming

Woody you believe it? At first glance one could be forgiven for assuming this was the cast of Toy Story, but these look like their soulless clones from the underworld

It’s not at all clear what this travesty of a toy is supposed to be, but whatever it represents it should probably be burnt… soon

This terrifying old puppet doll was probably loved in its day, but now its nothing but a nightmare clown

Why would anyone create a toothbrush for a child in the shape of a gun? And furthermore, why would they make it so they can pull the trigger?

These poor giraffes would no doubt look lovely on the ground, but hanging from their necks in the shop is quite ominous

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Ah yes, Tuomas, Thomas The Tank Engine’s evil cousin, who’s completely dead and gone behind the eyes

Why would this see-through bear ever be necessary? Perhaps if it was proportional, one could argue it was for anatomy

This horrifically scary bunny rabbit looks much more likely to bit someone’s head off than snuggle up 

This poor unassuming motorcycle rider looks blissfully unaware of the inappropriate phallic object needed to attach him to his bike 

While a lovely colour, any potential owner of this furious bear would have to sleep with one eye open

Why, oh why? This baby doll’s face is permanently stuck in a terrifying wail, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it

Somehow, somebody somewhere thought it would be a good idea for a children’s ride to combine Super Mario and whatever that is

Fish with dentures sounds like a indie band, but the reality is much more disconcerting and confusing

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